VasWatches: Style and Sustainability in a watch

CANADA, July 27, 2022 – Canadian-based watch company Vas Watches is set to release new timepieces in 2023. Vas Watches uses eco-friendly materials such as natural and recycled Asian woods with biodegradable straps. Each timepiece is 100% handcrafted- no automated machines are used in the whole creation process. The brand aims to promote not just style but also sustainability (for every watch purchased, a new tree is planted).

Established in 2021, VasWatches currently have two timepiece variants available and another one which is set to be released early next year. Leaf IV, priced at $199.00, is carefully handcrafted using recycled Asian Wood and uses the ultra-precise Japanese quartz movement. Laika, which is perfect for outdoor unisex use, has a biodegradable strap and can be brought at the price of $120.00. Zolar, the newest addition to the eco-friendly VasWatches, will be released by February 2023.

According to brand owner Errol Vas, “There’s been an overwhelming demand from consumers for sustainable products.I’d really like to bring that into a product sector I’m passionate about” Mr. Vas is an avid watch collector and advocate for sustainable manufacturing. His watches (and pre-release orders) are available on their site:

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