What are the things you must know about luxury boat hire in NSW & QLD?

New South Wales and Queensland boast some of Australia’s most picturesque coastal lines and a luxury boat trip is one of the most extravagant ways to explore them. Whether you want to celebrate an unforgettable day with loved ones or simply experience Australia on the water, a luxury boat for hire is bound to complete the experience in style. 

For those new to luxury boat hire, below lists the key factors worth considering when choosing your vessel in NSW & QLD.

The Size and Type of the Vessel

There are so many types and sizes of boats available to choose from. The first thing you need to consider when hiring a luxury boat is the number of people you are planning on hosting and travelling with. This way, you can determine the size and type of luxury boat you need as well as the appropriate accessories to ensure your guests are comfortable. 

Storage and Maintenance in Luxury Boats

This might not seem important, but it is. When planning a luxury boat trip, guest’s are encouraged to pack and bring what they please. Considering this may vary significantly for each person, the luxury boat should correlate with the maximum potential luggage on board. The storage facilities and utilisation of space on luxury boat’s are impressive but more importantly, safe. Maintenance is also a key factor and the luxury boat should also be well-serviced in order to avoid interruptions. 

Available Entertainment     

To travel around the sea for hours without having anything to do can be tedious for some. To keep yourself and guests entertained, it is essential to see if the luxury vessel has any entertainment facilities available and can offer the correct compatibility for your own devices. It is advised you are thorough in picking the most appropriate luxury boat for your entertainment needs to ensure your guests have a good time. 

Catering Facilities

Planning your meals on Sydney Harbour is pretty straightforward. There are amazing chicken shops, the seafood market, and endless waterside dining experiences.

However, the Whitsundays and along the coastline itself is another story. Given the lack of supermarkets in open water, it’s key to make sure the catering services of the vessel include the types of food you eat and comply with any dietary requirements. It is a good idea to plan ahead with your agent and arrange your provisioning and meal plans before you start your journey.

Choosing the Luxury Right Boat Hire Company in NSW and QLD

There are many luxury boat hire companies operating in NSW and QLD, but not all can guarantee a memorable experience. MV Alfie & Co is one of the best private luxury boat companies in NSW and QLD and has a long list of satisfied customers who’ve walked away from their luxury boating experience in awe.

They have a luxurious vessel specially designed for your relaxation and the needs of your guests. If you are looking for a luxury boat hire in Sydney, consider the MV Bruce, and in Queensland, the V65 Princess.

MV Alfie & Co offer the super-yacht service on these private luxury boats, boasting inflatable pools and jet skis as some of the main attractions. The catering options are plentiful and tantalizing with scope for each dietary requirement- have a look here!

Now that you’re well poised to make a booking with confidence, a luxury boat cruise in NSW or QLD beckons for you this summer as the experience of a lifetime. You can make an enquiry through the MV Alfie & Co booking portal here

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