Innovation Boom in Bank Industry

  1. The primary focus and current innovation progress of Banks –

(1) Conceptual innovation features a truly scientific take a look at development, an effective take a look at political performance, develop appropriate development strategies, pursue healthy and sustainable development goals, and demand on serving medium and small-sized enterprises as well as the individual market.

Keep to the commercial bank development law, consolidate the specific situation of Banks, and keep to the principle of selecting the reality in the truth. Know and master the newest developments and management methods to commercial banking, guide practice with scientific methods, control of economic capital, measurement of risk costs, risk prices, cost distribution, control of risk technologies, etc.

Concentrate on modifications in regulatory policies and adjust operational policies promptly know about modifications in their working conditions, make adjustments anytime, make certain the implementation of a good goals and management standards, seek innovation in adjustments and adjustments between changes.

Banking and innovation under COVID-19

  1. Updating the operating-system mechanism

(1) Encourage system innovation using the adjustment in the business structure.

In regards to the retail banking development strategy, the goal is always to adjust the company structure in line with the concepts of bottom-up management, top-lower marketing, separation in the front, middle, and back-office, and retail sales management. banking and non-retail banking.

Finally, achieve the objectives of classified management, accounting, risk, internal audit concentration, and vertical control of the wholesale and retail trade, after which improve the quantity of intensification and specialization of monetary management second, regulate the task system, formwork responsibilities, clarify work responsibilities and blend these with the controlling the company structure, to make a truly “customer-centric” work model third, generate a system of scientific and reasonable objectives in compliance while using principle of classified valuation, make use of the economic valuation of capital and implement a mixture of incentive and restriction mechanisms.

(2) Encourage innovation inside the risk management mechanism by creating an inside management system

The foremost is to make a proper internal control concept. Internal control is not only the job in the audit and control department, really, but it is furthermore an engaged technique of interconnection, control, and supervision while commercial operations. That’s associated with every position with all of.

Everyone is associated with internal control, so everyone is accountable. Second is to really comprehend the idea of internal control increase internal control methods.

While using management system and controlling labor responsibilities, the company control requirements of internal control are implemented and incompatible workplaces are totally eliminated.

The Next is always to clarify responsibilities and forces, clarify competent matters, clarify competent responsibilities and approval procedures, and implement internal control permit control needs using the establishment of inspection systems.

fourth, using the establishment from the restraint mechanism for worker management as well as the most suitable mechanism for survival, internal control needs are implemented as well as the layoff system, the device of competitive hiring, the unemployment reporting system, staff turnover, turnover, evasion, and strike audit systems. applied the next.

The Bank of Montreal Group is embracing collaboration in the digital era |  World Finance

Fifth, internal control and supervision as well as the implementation from the objective evaluation system are transported out under strict audit and control and compliance management.

Do your better to market innovation in individual financial services. The foremost is to reform the current retail banking management model in compliance using the requirements of centralization of operations and professional activities, to really make the marketing promotion system, risk management, after-sales service model fond of customers. increase efficiency and efficient risk management.

In line with the retail banking placement, the organization is always to upgrade the organization plan, upgrade the service methods, expand the marketing channels, while growing the data of services third, increase product innovation, fill the sorts of products and services as rapidly as you possibly can, and also on this basis combine the service objectives in addition to their own conditions.

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