What are the benefits of SCF shipping containers?

You won’t find a more diverse or comprehensive variety of on-site and intermodal storage than SCF shipping containers. The exterior structure of containers secures them from various forms of obstacles, weather, and vermin. Also, to protect it against thieves by having a powerful barrier around the contents. SCF begin in the early 1990s, selling and hiring shipping containers for the relocation industry and furniture removal. The company evolved rapidly during the 2000s. Offering transport and storage solutions to different sectors throughout the Australian economy.

SCF is recognized as the longest established national container supplier in Australia for more than 30 years history of success. It is backed up by excellent quality products delivered efficiently, safely, and rapidly. Aside from giving a comprehensive range of containerized products. The group also enhances and designs customized products for customers who need more particular solutions.

Divisions of SCF’s specialist team

Every division is comprised of a dedicated team of container specialists with expertise in purchasing solutions and providing hires for a range of industries.


  • A leading provider to end users and 3PL operators
  • Specializes in palletized goods containers for rail and road
  • Innovative equipment solutions
  • The product range includes a mezzanine deck, side operation, pallet wide, and refrigerated containers


  • Specialized tanks for the transport and storage of bulk powder and liquid products
  • Strong track record of product growth
  • Technical advisory and expertise
  • The product range includes Bulk liquid storage tanks, ISO tanks, and Dangerous good containers

Site Containers

  • Container-based accommodation
  • SME/Retail customers and serves corporate
  • A broad range of used and new site storage containers
  • Offers a range of rapid deployment, portable buildings for work site facilities

Containers Solutions by Industry

SCF services a broad range of industries to aid provide tailored and affordable container solutions for short and long-term projects. If you’re not sure of the exact product you want, you can check by industry. The container solutions are best suited to a wide range of applications.

  • Agriculture and farming
  • Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Oil, and Gas
  • Events and festivals
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Furniture, Residential, Retail, and Waste
  • Government
  • Logistics
  • Hospitality

Check these benefits of SCF shipping containers

  • Security
  • The safety of your good is of high importance. These cargo containers offer the ideal security and are relatively safe for items in transit. Once goods are loaded into shipping containers, they fully get sealed. So, goods are free from developing mold or mildew.
  • It’s eco friendly
  • By considering a storage container, you are taking part in the greater good of the planet. The shipping container usually gets long-lasting and durable material to serve its purpose.
  • It’s highly functional

With a shipping container, you can modify it into anything you prefer. It provides a superbly functional space where you can make the most of it.

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