What to look for in a payroll services provider

If you’re looking for a payroll services provider, then you’ve probably already made the big decision to outsource your payroll to a trusted third party. To help you take the plunge, we’ve pulled together a handy guide to help you, as payroll and HR affect all areas of your business. Whatever type of managed payroll services model you opt for, it’s important you choose the best payroll services provider for your budget. Be clear what your company objectives are short and long term and draw up a rigorous checklist to ask vendors. The right payroll services provider will be your business partner for the foreseeable future, so the clearer you are on what you want and where you’re heading, the easier implementation and adoption will be – and the better their technology can support your strategic growth.

What is a Payroll Service Provider?

payroll service provider is an external company that handles payroll tasks for businesses. This includes calculating employee pay, making necessary deductions, ensuring compliance with regulations, and submitting required filings to relevant authorities. This can save you the stress and expense of running an in-house payroll system.

Fully Managed Payroll Services

One option is fully managed payroll services, where the external provider takes complete control of your payroll. This is ideal for companies of various sizes and industries, offering a comprehensive suite of payroll and HR management solutions.

Aligning with Your Business Objectives

Before choosing a payroll service provider, clearly define your business objectives. Consider whether you need better visibility of payroll and HR data, a more streamlined payroll process, or global payroll services if you operate internationally. Understanding your vision and how technology can help you achieve it will make implementation smoother and more effective.

Assessing Your Unique Needs

Determine what your organization needs from a payroll provider. For instance, you might need managed services where an expert provider like ADP handles your payroll accurately and on time, calculates taxes and deductions, and issues payslips. If you have a global workforce or diverse pay preferences, you might opt for fully outsourced services, where the vendor also supports your employees with a dedicated helpline.

Ensuring Data Security and Privacy

Post-GDPR and the COVID-19 pandemic, data security and privacy are more critical than ever. Ensure your chosen vendor prioritizes the security of your company’s data. Ask about their data storage, transfer, and backup policies. Check their fraud and business resilience policies to avoid potential breaches and losses.

Implementation and Support

Ensure your vendor has a robust implementation model and a proven track record of successful rollouts. They should provide support to your staff and have an effective change management strategy. Internally, have an executive sponsor and a network of ambassadors to help integrate the new system.

Early Planning for Adoption

Prepare early for the adoption of the new system. Use change management, transparent communication, and training to ease the transition for all employees. Your vendor should have experience in managing this crucial phase.

Selecting the Right Service Plan

The effectiveness of your new payroll and HR solution depends on the support model. Ensure the level of ongoing customer support meets your needs. The right provider will offer scalable support that adapts to your budget and changing requirements. Review the service contract thoroughly and ensure it includes access to a dedicated service team with deep payroll and compliance expertise.

Leveraging Data for Competitive Advantage

Data analytics are essential for improving staff scheduling and offering competitive compensation packages. Choose a vendor who can help you evaluate your data analytics needs and provide insights to support your growth. Ensure you’ll have a centralized data set and access to industry-wide data for benchmarking and predictive analysis.

Evaluating the Vendor’s Track Record

Partner with an established vendor whose technology and service model will support your evolving requirements. Ensure they value innovation and are constantly seeking solutions to meet upcoming business challenges.

Evolving Your People Strategy

Automating and integrating your payroll and HR systems should streamline operations, improve efficiency, boost staff engagement, and highlight cost-saving opportunities. Your payroll services provider should support your employees throughout their lifecycle, offering tools and strategies to maximize performance and enhance recruitment.

Beyond Payroll

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of robust payroll and HR systems. Modern payroll systems are now a strategic advantage, helping businesses optimize costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Key Questions to Ask Potential Providers

  1. Is the payroll software cloud-based?
  2. Does the provider support implementation?
  3. Does the software offer advanced security features and process automation?
  4. Does the payroll solution integrate with HCM software and support digital transformation initiatives?
  5. Does it enable business continuity plans?

Considering ADP as Your Payroll Services Provider

ADP, with over 70 years of experience, offers both partially managed and full-service payroll solutions to clients in 140 countries. Their expertise in HCM, data analytics, and technical support can help transform your organization and drive strategic growth. If you’re interested in learning more about ADP’s fully managed payroll services, reach out to an expert today.

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