Before you sign any North London estate agents contracts

Everywhere you choose to look, there are several ads for real estate and for North London estate agents. They can be found everywhere. The main reason is very simple. It is not hard to have a real estate license obtained. This is because you do not need to have a college degree to have it. Fortunately, the income potential is quite high. Sadly, this means there are quite a number of bad nuts out there. So, you need to be very careful with the choices you make no matter what. The very best way you need to get the best of these agents is through making the right choices.

Some questions to ask before hiring

  1. For how long have you been working? Almost anyone can decide to be a real estate agent today by obtaining the right license. Due to this, the experience of the agent is highly needed. New agents learn so much within their very first year and continue to learn as they grow with each client. It is not fair to decide a fairly new or new agent is not the best. The truth is that new North London estate agents bring so much energy to the work because they want to build clientele and have some excellent reviews. They also have a lot of time to ensure they do the right work. However, make sure they have the right support system that keeps them working. For instance, an estate agent that recommends a guaranteed rent scheme to you with the best providers can be trusted to know what he or she is about. That is what matters most.
  2. Are you a realtor? This question needs to be asked because not every real estate agent is a realtor. Realtors follow the right code of ethics. Also, you need to be sure of this, and that makes a lot of sense. Make sure they are realtors because these realtors have a lot of access to more networks and will be of more benefit to you.
  3. What is your certification? There are quite a number of certifications that can be obtained by North London estate agents. However, make every effort to ensure that the certification is issued by a credible body. Also, find out the specialty of the real estate agent. Some real estate agents specialize in residential properties, others in buying, others selling, others in rentals, others in property management, and more. You need to do your best to know for sure the type of real estate agent you want to work with. When you know this, deciding becomes an easy thing.
  4. Any past customers available? It will not take much time to find out from some past clients their experience, and you will definitely know for sure if they can be trusted or not. You deserve to know that for your own good. Without customers to vouch for the real estate agent, doing business with them can be difficult.
  5. Is it your part or full time job: Most real estate agents work other jobs too, apart from being agents. Having a full-time real estate agent is always the best. That definitely helps you achieve so much more than you need to.


Do not forget to make the most of guaranteed rent scheme policies. Being able to make that happen is one thing that you will definitely value. You need to understand that not all real estate agents can provide you with all that you need. Understanding this to begin with helps you to find the best solution always.

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