The New Year is here, what is the hospitality industry expecting this year?

We can’t believe it is already time to discuss what the hospitality industry is looking forward to this year in 2022. It feels like just yesterday we were discussing 2021 trends. However, we can no longer predict as much as we used to. This year we are all looking forward to a less than turbulent year, or at least less turbulent than 2021. There are many exciting things to come this year and without a doubt Australia will see another incredible year from hospitality. We except to see new venues continue to open and new food and beverage trends hit the market, among many other things. 

So, the New Year is here and what is the hospitality industry expecting this year, or at least what we are predicting we will see. 

Skilled Migrants To The Rescue

Staffing shortages were felt across the board in 2021, as the lack of skilled migrants available in Australia created some tough times for the hospitality industry. Luckily on December 15th we began welcoming international students and skilled migrants back into Australia. This will help to curb the shortages and rescue any venues who are dealing with detrimental shortages. The industry will be returned to its former glory. 

The Return Of Tourists

As Australia begins to welcome back tourists, and we all get back to regular travel a substantial number of tourists will come flooding back to Australian restaurants and cafes. This will increase the amount of people attending hospitality venues on weekdays and weekends, leading to increased revenue and a much busier year than we have seen over the last two. It will also help restaurants to get back into the groove of things and begin operating as though it were 2019 again.  

More Technology & Less Contact 

Even though we are beginning to head back to a more normal life, venues are still taking precautions, and this will likely continue thoughout 2022. Increased technology is continuously being introduced in food service venues not only to streamline ordering, service and payment, but also decrease contact between people to avoid any sort of unnecessary close contact. QR codes will continue to be popular and be introduced to more restaurants throughout the year.  This will also include the continuation of increasing amounts of takeaway and delivery platforms as these are proving to be a lucrative source of revenue for many hospitality venues. 

As the western world continues cautiously down the road to recovery, everyone will be watching the hospitality industry with keen eyes. 2022 is looking to be quite an abundant year for the hospitality industry and we can’t wait for it to get going. 

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