Smart Home Automation You Need To Have

We’re well into the future, wouldn’t you say? We’re surrounded by technology everywhere, from digital watches and Bluetooth earphones to high-tech televisions and robot assistants like Siri and Alexa. So if you’re all tech prepped, why should your home fall behind? Get started on home automation and watch your home play catch up to the future. Smart home automation systems make life comfortable by seamlessly controlling your lighting, air conditioning, sprinklers, home theatre, and music.

Among the must-have smart home automation devices, let’s talk about video door cameras. They have grown in popularity every year. But what exactly do they do? Do they justify their cost? Learn how doorbell cameras work and discover how they can help you take control, be more convenient, and feel safer in your home. 

What Are Door Cameras, And How Do They Work?

Video doorbells, or door cameras, are exactly what their name implies-doorbells with cameras attached. In addition, this smart device is WiFi-enabled, has motion detectors, audio recording capabilities, a speaker, and lets you speak to anyone at the door.

How Does A Door Camera Work?

Door cameras are connected to the house wiring and wifi. When someone is at the door and pushes the doorbell, it rings like the usual doorbell. Some door cameras detect motion and automatically record whoever is at the door.

It also sends a notification to your smartphone as it’s connected to the wifi, alerting you to know that there’s someone at the door. As you open the door camera app, you can see who is at the door while watching a live video. Some door camera modules start recording video only when the doorbell is pressed or detects motion; you can watch the recording of what the door camera has recorded at your own pace. 

You may need cloud storage or remote recording video clips because they require storage space. Some door cameras also include a speaker, so you can use the app to speak to your visitors through the door camera. If the door camera includes two-way talk capability, you can see and talk to your visitor.

Why Should I Use a Door Camera?

It’s common for us not to answer our phones if we don’t recognise the caller ID number. The same is true for many people’s front doors — why open them without knowing who is at the other end?

You can see the person at your front door without opening it or peering through a peephole with a doorbell camera. If you want to improve the safety of your house, this is an essential purchase.

Benefits Of Door Camera

To Answer Or Not, That Is The Question

A doorbell camera can provide assurance and peace of mind when someone doesn’t know who or what is on the other side of the door. Rather than wondering, “Who is that?” you’ll know if you have a door camera installed.

Talk To Visitors From Anywhere With The Two-Way Talk

You get a notification that someone is at your door while at work or doing errands. You can answer the door by logging into the door camera app on your smartphone.

With the app, it’s possible to have a two-way conversation with the visitors at the door without being present. You will never miss a delivery with this ever again! 

In addition to door cameras, Legrand offers several other smart and user-friendly home automation solutions and products that combine electrical, multimedia, and telecommunication technologies. Only the best for your home, we’d say! Get browsing!

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