What has changed at clubs since the easing of restrictions at venues across Melbourne?

The easing of COVID restrictions across Melbourne is seeing a herd of night-life enthusiasts return to pubs and clubs across the city. Restrictions have mostly been dropped for citizens who are over 12 and are fully vaccinated. Regional nightclubs and party lovers have waited long enough to get back to the dance floors and although the process of returning to a normal night time economy has been gradual, the festive season beckons as the long awaited party for many. 

Several restrictions have changed for public places and entertainment venues across Melbourne. For instance, minors (under 18 years old) no longer require their vaccination certificates to enter entertainment venues that previously demanded proof of vaccination. If you are over 18, you still have to show proof of vaccination to enter entertainment venues such as clubs or pubs. Due to the new easing of COVID rules, nightclubs across Melbourne have taken another big leap towards normality with their safety-first compliance.

Current Restrictions for Night Clubs in Melbourne

It is always a joy to visit familiar venues where the likelihood of seeing friends is high. This is amongst the biggest draw cards of Melbourne’s re-emerging nightclub scene and for good reason- there is plenty to catch up on! As Melbournians rekindle their former freedoms in tandem with the easing of restrictions, there is a summer of new friends, cutting shapes and memorable nights on the cards for all.

In addition to this, there is finally no gathering limit for both indoor and outdoor activities for the fully vaccinated. This means nightclubs can operate to the maximum capacity thus increasing the scale of their entertainment for more to enjoy. Mask rules remain the same for club staff in which they must cover up during their shift.

Thursdays have always held a special place in Melbourne as “Uni” night and Lucky Thursdays have opened their doors for all to enjoy a jaw-dropping good time. With a raft of affordable drink specials, popular DJ’s and an expansive dance floor energy, Lucky Thursdays is back in full swing with all the COVID safety measurements in place. If your group of friends are looking for a night to remember, Lucky Thursdays offers the utmost safety and entertainment to ensure you have the party you deserve.

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