Why Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant has many benefits for your business. Not only will your assistant handle routine data entry, collection, and storage tasks, but they will also be able to conduct research and maintain data integrity. This is especially important if your business is bustling and requires you to work 60+ hours weekly. A real estate virtual assistant can make all the difference in ensuring that your business continues to grow and flourish without taking you away from your family.

A virtual assistant is a cost-effective alternative to full-time staff. Outsourcing your workload will save you up to 40 percent on labor costs. Plus, you won’t need to pay for benefits and taxes. Unlike full-time employees, virtual assistants can be hired at an hourly rate, which will cut your costs further.

Establishing trust with a real estate virtual assistant

Establishing a clear line of communication is among the most important aspects of establishing trust with a real estate VA. Try video chats if you can’t personally meet your VA in person. These can add a little personality to the communication process and keep you up-to-date. Otherwise, you can use quick chat tools such as Slack or WhatsApp. Another good tool is Google Drive, a free G Suite application that lets you store and organize data on the go. Dropbox can also be an excellent tool for managing freelance work. You can upload monthly folders and share them with your VA.

A strong business relationship begins with a well-defined workflow, job role, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Before hiring a real estate VA, you must define your core objectives. Once you establish these objectives, you can define the virtual real estate assistant jobs description. Your assistant should have an easily accessible resource with job descriptions so they can easily refer to it when necessary.

Outsourcing everyday tasks to a virtual assistant

Outsourcing real estate tasks to a virtual assistance provider can help you achieve several business goals, including increasing productivity and reducing costs. A virtual real estate assistant can handle various tasks, including keeping track of online project reviews and writing website content. They can also take cold calling and email marketing to generate leads and market properties. In addition, a virtual assistant can plan and schedule property tours. 

Besides being cost-effective, outsourcing real estate tasks to a virtual assistant help maintain a strong customer relationship. Even small details, such as remembering a client’s birthday, can help build relationships.

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