How To Prepare For A Job Interview?

If you were called for a job interview or job interview presentation, it’s probably because the company liked your profile for that specific vacancy and saw potential in you. That’s why it’s so important to do well right now. Recruiters and professionals from other areas who work at the company and will interview you already know your professional history, have seen your resume, analyzed your test results, and researched you. So, they already know your most objective information and professional history. But if they already know all this, what’s the point of the interview?

The human contact is in the interview. It is there that the recruiter will be able to get to know you more deeply as a professional and person, will be able to assess your tone of voice, personality, and behaviors, will understand the way you tell your story, etc. At this stage, you must charm the recruiter and show why you deserve to be part of the company!

Only in the interview is it possible to demonstrate your excitement for the organization, analyze how you communicate, and talk about former co-workers and projects. This is the moment for the interviewer to be able to evaluate you more closely. Therefore, I trained and researched a lot to prepare for that moment. Have self-knowledge and also study a lot about the company, so you can argue about the reasons that make you the right choice for the vacancy.

How To Behave In A Job Interview?

After a basic preparation, one of the next questions arises: how should I behave in an interview? Don’t worry about the nervousness that may arise during this step, as it is completely normal, and recruiting professionals will not eliminate you. Even because, usually, this is an important moment in people’s lives, getting a little tense is natural.

But some things can help calm you down, such as:

Leave home early, in the case of face-to-face interviews, or enter the link before the agreed time and ensure that everything is working correctly for online interviews;

  • Have a good night’s sleep the day before the interview;
  • Eating light foods;
  • Prepare in advance.

Preparation and planning can help lower your anxiety and give you more peace of mind. But now, let’s get to the actual interview. The main point right now is to be yourself. It sounds cliché, but we’ll explain why this is so important. If you try to look like someone you’re not, no matter how well you’ve prepared yourself, the recruiter will probably notice, as these professionals are trained to ask clear questions that help them identify this type of thing.

So, to be consistent from start to finish and not be caught off guard, just be yourself! Without forcing characteristics that are not naturally yours. Another very important point is to show interest and excitement. Would you hire someone who seems indifferent to your company? Or someone who doesn’t know how to tell their own story interestingly? Well, neither do companies. So show passion for the company’s purpose and history!

But be careful how much you say in your answers. Before answering, think about the final message you would like to convey to be objective and coherent in your message.

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