Sustainable Packaging Benefits the Environment

We as a culture have grown much more conscious of how pollution impacts our lands and oceans over time. As a result, businesses have attempted to become more ecologically friendly in their product Packaging Label Creation . This includes using recyclable and biodegradable packing materials.

Post-consumer resin is used to calculate the amount of recycled material in a product (PCR). The bigger the PCR, the more recycled material is employed. A product with a PCR of 100%, for example, is made entirely of recycled materials. Products with a lower PCR may still contain some recycled material, but new materials are also likely to have been used.

How to Determine the Amount of PCR in Your Packaging

To determine how much PCR is in the package, look for the PCR symbol on the product label. This mark indicates that the product contains recycled plastic. The percentage of PCR will be shown next to the PCR sign. If a product label says, “This bottle contains 30% post-consumer resin,” it means that 30% of the plastic in the bottle was recycled. To determine how much PCR is in the container, look for the phrase “recycled content” on the product label. The recycled content shall be expressed as a percentage, including both pre-and post-consumer content.

Altium Packaging is one such firm that can be relied on to provide environmentally friendly packaging. Altium Packaging employs some of the highest PCR content available while designing a plastic container for one of its clients. They assist a variety of sectors in producing the most environmentally friendly packaging possible. Their packaging makes a difference in industries ranging from dairy and beverage to automotive and healthcare.

Why Should Businesses Use Altium Packaging to Create Their Containers?

For a variety of reasons, if you need a product wrapped, you should work with a reputable company like Altium Packaging. Altium Packaging, in addition to having the highest PCR rate, offers Dura-Lite packaging for water, beverage, and dairy applications. This sort of packaging uses up to 20% less resin and is lighter than other types of packaging. Its toughness is so good that it may be dropped from great heights without being harmed. When Altium Packaging designs a design for one of its clients, its staff considers tactics that will deliver happiness while also benefiting the environment.

What Is the Importance of Sustainable Packaging?

As previously said, pollution has caused significant harm to the environment throughout the years, and one of the primary offenders is the packaging. If plastic, paper, and metal packaging materials are not created from recycled resources, they can take hundreds or even thousands of years to disintegrate. As a result, they can clog landfills and consume valuable space. They also pollute our seas, killing marine life and deteriorating coral reefs. As if that weren’t bad enough, all of that plastic eventually ends up in landfills, where it releases methane gas, a strong greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.

The planet is our home, and we must love and care for it if we and other species are to thrive. While we may make many adjustments in our daily lives to protect the environment, companies and organizations must also do their share. Sustainability is the objective of packaging manufacturers such as Altium Packaging.

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