The main piece of advice for employers looking for qualified candidates for a position is to not rush. Whether replacing an employee, creating a new position, or expanding activities, the tendency is to want to fill a position as soon as possible with someone capable and available. Regardless, finding the best person for the job, not just carrying out the duties of the job, takes time. Your recruiting system should reflect who you are as a cannabis company and clearly target the type of talent that will succeed in the position, the company, and the business overall.

When posting a job listing, include more than a basic description of the duties to be performed. All else being equal, clearly define what the job entails, including what qualities a viable candidate should possess, and sketch the way of life in your company that you believe a potential recruit should share. This method will enable candidates to gain a comprehensive understanding of the job and match their assets and interests to the portrayal of the best candidate, resulting in an unmistakable understanding for both manager and worker about what is generally expected and how to dominate.

Because so many qualified candidates come from a diverse range of businesses, it is critical to cast a wide net when looking for potential candidates. Cannabis-friendly web-based job boards such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed are effective places to get a lot of traffic for your job postings. Using online media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can increase your visibility and put you in front of those in the job market and those looking to change careers. Do this and watch as talent piles up at your recruiting center, eventually growing your cannabis company.

The more clearly defined assumptions and fundamental ranges of abilities are, the better-matched candidates will be to the job available, limiting the field of likely workers to truly viable choices before screening even begins, saving employers significant time.

Finding qualified candidates to hire can be difficult. In any case, with the right methodology, you can find talented professionals with the energy and ability to help your business thrive. Cannabis is an intriguing industry that offers opportunities for a wide range of skills. Talent will come calling if you network effectively, put your cannabis company job postings out there for people to see, and offer competitive pay.

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