Top Tips for Moving with a Pet

Moving to a new place in Chicago can be incredibly stressful. There are so many things to think about, including moving all your furniture, finding a new place to live, and dealing with the general anxiety that you might feel about relocating. If you have a pet and they’re coming with you, this can add even more stress to the experience.

As well as being stressful for you, it can be very stressful for your pet too. It’s important to recognize this and take steps that can help to reduce the anxiety involved for both you and your furry friend. Here are some of the top tips that could help you when moving with a pet.

Practice the Move

Taking time to help your pet get used to the idea of moving can help to lessen the stress of the day itself. Let your pet go inside the crate that you will use on the day. This can make moving with a pet much easier since you won’t have to deal with the problems of a new crate on the day. You can prepare further by transporting your pet in and out of the car while inside the crate or traveling short distances away from your home. If your pet is used to the crate and the process of moving around, it can be easier on the day to complete the moving process as quickly as possible. It will make things easier for your pet and reduce the level of stress they might be feeling.

Ensure There is Enough Space

You should make sure that you plan for your pet to have enough space during and after the move. The crate should be large enough for the size of your pet, and you should ensure there is enough space for your pet to move around while traveling. This is particularly important if you are relocating to a new state or traveling a long distance with your pet. When choosing a new home, ensure there is adequate space for your pet to move around. Check out the outdoor space around your new place to see whether there is enough space for your pet to roam if needed.

Get Help

Moving with a pet is challenging, so you should get help if you need to. Rather than trying to do everything yourself, enlist the help of a professional moving company to take care of the furniture or ask a friend to look after your pet for a few days while you arrange things. Putting arrangements in place can help to lessen the stress on both you and your pet when moving. As long as you have the right pet care arrangements in place, you can rest assured that your pet will be looked after while you’re busy.

Stay in a Routine

It can make things easier on you and your pet if you stay in a routine as much as possible while moving. This is important during both the planning stages and on the day itself when you’re moving to the new home. For example, feed your pet at the same time each day and take them for a walk if needed. Keep a routine as much as possible when moving with a pet in order to make things smoother and easier.

Getting Help When Moving with a Pet

When you’re moving with a pet, it’s important to get the help you need. Contacting a professional moving company like 2 Guys and a Van can make your move to Chicago smoother and less stressful for both you and your pet.

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