Drinking and getting tipsy in the club?

There’s never a dull moment when you combine music alcohol and naked dancing ladies.  If people behave badly inside the club imagine what they would outside – alcohol tends to make belligerent and loud case in point: Lydia Thorpe. Are these places as shady as everyone claims them to be? For years, there has been a running joke over the years about the alcohol that gets watered down. The rumor has it that strip club makes the bulk of their revenue form alcohol consumption, not so much from the performances from the dancers to rumors of spiked drinks.

The stories of men visiting strip clubs and waking up in a strange place with no recollection of how he got there are popular. They have become sort of a myth, a running joke, the kind that has been promulgated in movies like the Hangover. Yes, alcohol will make you act strange but people have woken up with no memory of the previous night, all the money in their wallets gone and sometimes, their bank accounts emptied and yes, The Hangover is an extreme example of everything that can happen when your mates decide to give you a proper send-off. However, don’t blame the strippers, they are simply doing their job, no one has any ill intentions towards your upcoming nuptials.

There is definitive idea of when the myth that alcohol is either watered down or spiked began. It’s one of those myths that stick around. Just recently, papers way across the pond reported how 10 people were drugged and then robbed.  Some claimed they were fleeced as much as £250,000. Some had the money stolen from bank accounts. There are rumours of syndicates preying on punters and others will say it has been happening for years; that it is nothing new. Times are tough ad there is a level of desperation and strip clubs are an easy scape goat. Club managers actually vet the performers just to weed out the bad. We can’t be quick to single out strippers. Law enforcement is vigilant when it comes to adult entertainment.  Clubs that are found to be involved in such practices face censure from the law, the community and might be closed for contravening their licensing requirements.

Politicians might rally around the anti-strip club lobbyists but the fact that these clubs are still around means that the need to have them outweigh the moral politicking that happen around “vice industries” there is a serious misconceptions about what strip clubs are and what happens in these establishments. Most of the time, it is noise being made by people who have never stepped into a strip clubs. They have never witnessed the good clean fun to be had. They may be surprised to find that these clubs can be extensions of boardrooms. It’s where people can unwind, be themselves with no judgement. These can be viewed as social clubs where men go to talk about their lives and their days away from wives and bosses and we need more spaces like that. A fine establishment where celebrities go to unwind and enjoy themselves is Bar 20

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