Why Make a Promotional Video?

You might be thinking, “Surely a promotional video must cost a lot of money? And it’s not something that I can do myself. It’s just for big brands and companies with lots of resources.” The good news is that you’re wrong on both counts.

Your Customers Prefer It

Studies show that people are more likely to watch a video than read text, and they actually prefer it when the information presented is in video form. Your customers are watching more and more online content on their phones and tablets, so it makes sense that they’d like to see your message in this format.

In addition to being more engaging for your audience, videos can also be used as a marketing tool—they can be embedded on other websites (like Facebook or Twitter), which will help increase exposure and engagement with your brand. Plus, once you’ve made a great promotional video that works hard for you online, there’s no reason not to repurpose it into something different (such as an explainer video) if needed!

It Increases Sales Conversions

A promotional video is an excellent way to increase sales conversions. Customers are more likely to buy your product or service if they understand how it works, and a promotional video can help them do that.

Video is also more engaging than text. You can use the visual medium of video to help customers understand your product or service in a way that plain text cannot. In addition, you can add animation and graphics to illustrate key points in your message.

It’s important to remember that promotional videos are not just used on websites—they can be used on social media platforms as well as other digital channels where you have an active presence such as email marketing campaigns, paid advertising efforts and more!

It Helps Your Customers Understand How to Use Your Product or Service

If you’re selling a product or service to the general public, it’s essential that your customers fully understand how to use it. A video is the perfect way to do this.

A good promotional video will explain how a customer can use your product or service, whether that means showing them how to assemble and install it, or explaining its functionality in terms of what they’ll be able to do with it after they’ve gotten their hands on one.

Another great idea is showing people using the item in real-life situations where they might benefit from using it—for example, if you’re selling an outdoor grill, consider filming someone cooking up some burgers on said grill outdoors (or vice versa). This not only gives potential customers an idea of how useful the thing is but also makes them feel like buying one will add value not just for themselves but for other people as well.

Drive Home Your Brand Message

The first step to creating a promotional video is defining your problem. The second step is, of course, solving that problem. But all too often, people get so caught up in the latter that they forget all about the former.

Being able to clearly articulate what you want from your business and why it matters will inform everything from how much time and money you put into marketing efforts down the road (and whether or not those efforts are worth it) to how you spend your days managing projects at work (which is important).

So before we go any further here: What do YOU want? Why do YOU want it? How can you make others care about what YOU think is important enough for them to care about as well?

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is crucial to your business. It’s the first step towards brand loyalty, which is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a consumer will buy from your company.

Brand awareness can help you increase revenue and build relationships with customers who have never heard of you before, but it’s also important for established companies looking to grow their reach and expand their customer base.

Brand awareness is especially important in the B2B (business to business) industry, where having a strong brand identity can give businesses an advantage over competitors by helping them stand out from other companies in their industry. This can be especially true when there are many similar businesses on the market that offer similar products or services at comparable prices.

Tell Your Story

To make an incredible promotional video, you need to tell your story. Your audience wants to know who you are and why they should work with you—and telling them through a compelling narrative is the best way to do this.

Use first-person narration. It’s easier for viewers to connect with someone who sounds like them when they deliver their message in an authentic voice. This can be one person or multiple voices—it depends on what works best for your brand and the length of the piece. But no matter who or how many people narrate, make sure there’s consistency in their tone and cadence across all videos so that they sound like they’re part of a cohesive campaign rather than just random clips thrown together by different people!

It’ll also help build trust if each narrator has something unique about them (like maybe one has an accent) which helps identify each video as coming from that person’s perspective instead of just generic voice-over actors hired by anyone.

For instance, if you are a local Irish business, you may want to partner up with a local video production company, such as HvF in Ireland, because a local company knows best what type of video content resonates with local audiences and they generally use local actors who will sound familiar to your customers.

Show Off Your Personality

A promotional video is a great way to showcase your company’s personality. If you’re in the business of making electronics, for example, you could show off your tech team by having them demonstrate some of their latest products. Or if you have an office full of people who are passionate about helping others find jobs, then maybe a video showcasing their work would be helpful in showing potential clients what kind of service they can expect from you.

Another benefit is that it gives all employees an opportunity to express themselves, which might also lead to more loyalty from them as well as other potential clients and customers.


The bottom line is that a promotional video is a great way to share your brand with the world. It’s an effective tool that can help you reach a broader audience, drive home your message, and get people talking about you. And remember: it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming! With just a little bit of thought and planning before filming begins, you can create something amazing.


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