What Does It Mean to Be Given A Challenge Coin?

If you grew up with a first responder or military parent, chances are they had a collection of challenge coins. These coins were given to them for achievements such as leaving a base, receiving a promotion, or meeting a dignitary.

You’ve probably heard of them. However, challenge coins are frequently cloaked in mystery. Although they are great keepsakes, what does it mean to receive one as a gift?

A challenge coin is a particularly designed coin that is used in coin collecting to represent a group or event. Giving a challenge coin to someone represents comradery or solidarity, creates membership in a specific organization, and celebrates the recipient’s deeds.

Challenge coins have a distinct ability to make its recipients feel proud. They serve as a less formal form of recognition in place of rewards such as ribbons and medals.

The ritual has a long history among members of the armed services and first responders as a way to acknowledge service.

Some firms have begun to integrate them into their workforce in order to boost morale and motivation, while others do it for branding purposes.

Obtaining a Challenge Coin

Many people believe that winning a challenge coin is the only true way to obtain one. Receiving a challenge coin can be a highly rewarding event, and it can create particular ties with other individuals who have gone through the same thing.

People who receive challenge coins hold them in high regard because they serve as a reminder of the difficulties they had to overcome in order to obtain them.

There are as many ways to obtain a challenge coin as there are coins, but the following are the most common:

Having previously served in the military

Meeting with a senior government official while participating in a one-of-a-kind event


Although challenge coins can be acquired, doing so removes their significance and context. The practice of awarding challenge coins is an important part of its history.

Because challenge coins are a non-formal prize, it is only natural that their distribution reflects this.

A secret handshake has traditionally been the preferred technique of handling a challenge coin. Typically, a commanding officer or senior official would palm the coin and hand it to the recipient, either publicly or privately.

This custom is supposed to have begun during the Second Boer War. Throughout the fight, the official medals awarded to British mercenaries were generally given to their commanders.

Others who thought this regulation was unjust would steal the medal and secretly give it to its rightful owner through a handshake.

Custom challenge coins can be used to commemorate a specific occasion or a person’s success.

They could be an excellent way to connect and remember everyone who participated in the event.

An Overview of Challenge Coin History

Although the precise origins of challenge coins are uncertain, it is often assumed that the practise began among military men.

The first documented incident dates back to Ancient Rome, when warriors were recognised with special coins as a token of thanks for their bravery in battle.

According to some historians, because these coins were specifically stamped with their legion’s symbol, many warriors kept them as memories.

Another origin story dates back to World War I, albeit it is most likely a fabrication. There, it is thought that an officer from the Allied Powers stamped bronze medallions with his aircraft squadron’s emblem and distributed them to his soldiers.

One of them was shot down over Germany, but he was able to return to France before being apprehended.

When the troops arrived, they mistaken him for a German spy and attempted to assassinate him. In an attempt to clear his name, the pilot flashed his medallion. When a soldier noticed it, it was readily verified that he was who he claimed to be, thereby saving his life.

But how did these coins go from mementos to a problem?

Some argue that American GIs who visited bars in occupied Germany after WWII reintroduced the challenge. Locals would frequently conduct “pfennig checks,” in which anyone who couldn’t produce a pfennig (the German term for penny) had to pay for a round of drinks for those who could.

If everyone had pennies, the challenger would have to pay for the drinks.

The Americans changed this slightly by substituting one of their unit’s specially marked coins for a pfennig and, in keeping with American custom, slamming the money down rather than just exhibiting it.

This tactic became more popular during the Vietnam War. Bullet clubs were formed by Special Forces men, each of whom carried an unfired bullet.

Officers became concerned soon because troops frequently slam down live ammunition when given a task, potentially leading in a fatal accident.

Instead of issuing costly Special Forces coins, they prohibited the usage of bullet clubs. Each unit soon had its own unique coin.

A challenge coin is what?

A challenge coin is a small metal coin having a distinctive pattern struck into it. To provide a burst of colour, enamel paint may have been put to coins in accordance with the design. Although challenge coins come in a variety of shapes, Donald Trump’s presidential coin is a well-known example. Challenge coins are often circular in shape, similar to ordinary monetary coins.

As previously stated, challenge coins have a long history and link to the military, but in recent years, they have begun to appear in groups that are not related to the military.

First responders have embraced the culture of recognising community efforts, which they frequently do.

for placing themselves at danger while performing their duties.

Some firms use them in place of business cards, give them to employees as a prize for a job well done, or hand them out as promotional materials.

A challenge coin is used for much more than just recognising success. They represent oneness among those who possess them, and individuals who receive them may realise that they are a member of an elite group.

Veterans of the military who are extremely proud of their challenge coins are common, and some of them openly display their impressive collections. Military personnel can use challenge coins to strengthen bonds between those who have been through a critical event together.

Furthermore, certain coins are heavier than others. The President of the United States usually reserves handshakes for military forces and exceptionally exceptional moments, making them extremely valuable.

Several military and governmental dignitaries have their own challenge coins, including the Vice President.

What is a challenge?

Although the meaning of each group’s challenge coin varies, alcohol is frequently included. The most common variation is as follows:

The game begins with one participant (the challenger) stating a “coin check” or orally setting the coin on the nearest suitable surface.

Anyone in the challenger’s vicinity must contribute a challenge coin.

If you are unable to contribute a challenge coin, you must purchase a round of drinks for everyone who may do so.

If everyone can provide a challenge coin, the challenger is obligated to buy a round of beverages.

The challenge’s original objective, it is believed, was to demand players to produce a coin for security reasons, as those who were unable to do so were assumed to be fraudsters.

It was used to identify members of the 10th Special Forces Group in the late 1940s because many of its personnel were of different nationalities.

When more sophisticated security measures were established, the challenge coin lost its official status, but it is still considered as a valued institution.

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