Recruiting with AI: How It Is Bringing a Change?

The truth in this world is that it is running too fast for us humans to run with it. We are in need of machines created by us to assist us in our jobs. AI is one of such machines that humans have created to ease up the pressure of different tasks. AI is being developed and also being in use in different places. Businesses are using AI to a great extent in order to take charge of some of its tasks and reduce the pressure to some extent. Sales, marketing and HR department are getting some specialized benefits from AI. Tools like FlashCloud are adding more to the sales team with is time saving yet efficient results. The way Sales Intelligence bring more chances of sales to the sales team, AI also brings some advantage to the recruiting department as well. The time-consuming task of physical interviews can be performed with the help of AI. The bots or robots can be trained to ask relevant questions to assess the talents.

Physical interviews by AI

Bots are getting trained to carry out physical interviews. Interview analytics and natural language processing are used by the bots to assess the suitability of the candidates through skimming their personality tests and soft skills. There is a special benefit of this- consistency. With a bot at work, the process of the interview remains same. The experience provided to the candidates during interview would be similar. While some people will question the lack of human touch, the interview process with AI offers much better scope to the HR department just like Sales Engagement tool does to the marketing team. When the experience is similar, it becomes easier to assess the candidates. When it is done through AI, employees get more time to invest in important things.

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