What Businesses Need to Know About Going Solar

What Businesses Need to Know About Going Solar

You may have seen that more and more companies have opted to install solar panels on their property these past few years. The move has been big as more people have seen the importance of protecting the environment. Because of this, you might be intrigued by going this route as well, but you need more information first.

The following article delves into the most common queries that businesses usually ask a commercial solar installer whenever they want to work on this project. Having this understanding now will help reduce your hesitation in calling Opal Energy Group. If you still have more questions afterward, their experts can provide you with answers.

Panel Location

When most people think of solar panels, they imagine these systems being rigged up on top of a roof. While this is the most common placement, as the sun’s rays are likely to beat down on this high area, there are other placement options. This is because installers take property location into consideration before working.

Even if roofs are elevated, trees may obstruct them, making panels useless in these spots. Opal Energy Group will discuss your options with you, as they have also placed panels in carports and ground mounts, which is perfect for properties with plenty of open space.

If roofing is the option that works best for your company, you don’t have to be concerned if you have the wrong material or style of roof. Every style of roof able to have solar panels installed onto them.


One of the main concerns that people have regarding solar panel installation is the fact that it can be costly to set up. Money is an important part of running a business; you never want to spend so much that you drive your company into the ground. Solar panel installation can both save and make you money!

For starters, because you will be using your electric company less often, you will save a lot on your utility bills over time. Depending on the size and amount of power you use, this could be a difference of at least $600,000. Along with this, both federal and state governments offer incentives to help pay for the installation, with 30% tax credits and 15-year cash-back programs.

Because it can be hard to pay for a system all at once, Opal Energy Group will also offer financing and leasing options to you when you choose to work with them. In the end, the mix of both savings and government assistance can end up helping your annual ROI triple and your property value soar.


Any project that takes place on your property is bound to take time or cause disruptions, so you should be well aware of what to expect when you get panels installed. Adding a solar system to your business can take a few months, but it, fortunately, does not have to stop you from keeping things inside your establishment running.

Solar panel installation will not require removing your current roof or causing internal damage. Mainly, you will need to worry about the construction noises and warn your customers and employees about it. Along with that, you may need to find changes for parking or any outside seating, depending on where these panels are being placed. Your commercial installer will be sure to give you a timetable so you know exactly when they will be working and for how long.

Choosing Opal Energy Group

Now that you are prepared to get solar panels, you need to choose the right team. Opal Energy Group has been a top contender for New Jersey businesses and homeowners alike for years, offering stunning installations using the best solar manufacturers available.

Not only can they provide basic paneling, but they can help businesses design styles that are tailored to meet their needs. Once they have your project done, you can also look to them for help with generators or backup batteries so you never have to worry about a hinder in performance, even on not-so-sunny days.

Going green is a great option for everyone, especially for business owners. You might still need to become an expert on solar panels, but you now have the most basic information in mind. For further details or to get started, make sure you contact Opal Energy Group as soon as possible.


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