How To Start A Podcast

Yes, you too can learn how to start a podcast! Podcasting is a popular form of creating content in today’s digital world. After all, podcasts are heavily consumed and are often popularly used as an alternative form of content consumption. Consequently, they can prove to be a very lucrative option in more ways than one for creators.

Of course, knowing how beneficial these are and being able to start and grow a successful podcast are different matters. In this concise guide, we will look a little more closely at what it takes to start a podcast and keep it going.

How to Start A Podcast

01. Decide on the subject matter

Typically, the best topic(s) for a podcast are the ones that the hosts or presenters are the most knowledgeable about. Being knowledgeable will help ensure that the podcast provides real value. High-value content is great for expanding the reach and generating profit from the podcast.

Unsurprisingly, a topic and title often go hand-in-hand. Getting clear on topics goes a long way in helping to create a catchy, relevant, and relevant title. Once you have decided on a topic and title, then the next step comes into focus.

02. Select a format

There are so many formats that a podcast can take. Some topics are best suited to certain formats. Also, the natural communication style of the presenters and hosts is a good indicator of the most appropriate formats. Formats can be determined by the following features:

  • the length of the podcast (time)
  • whether interviews are included (or whether it is more like a panel discussion)
  • whether the content is scripted or presented in free-form

among other features. It is important that the format is one that can be consistently presented. This is because consistency is key to making a successful podcast.

03. Publication platform

Podcast publication platforms are a dime a dozen. Some are free, others are paid. Still, some platforms are hybrid. They are free to a point and then premium thereafter. Depending on your existing audience, and consequently the existing reach of your podcast, you can decide which option is best for you. Using a paid model can work for some, while free is the better option for others.

In addition to cost, some platforms require little to no resources beyond a cellphone or tablet. Such platforms are great for true beginners. This is because they are inexpensive and uncomplicated. Finally, some platforms publish to other more popular ones. So, one will publish a podcast episode that is thereafter published to Apple r Spotify podcasts, for example.

04. Presentation

Of course, there is also the importance of giving your podcast a look. As such, one will need to create a graphic cover. Importantly, there are free platforms that help you create said cover using templates. A well-designed cover can include the title of the podcast, the name (and even images) of the host(s) or presenter(s), signature colors, and even a logo where appropriate. Of course, you can decide what goes and what does not.

With those four steps on how to start a podcast, you can start putting things in place to start recording and publishing your podcast.

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