Tips for Avoiding Customer Complaints

There are so many studies based on why customer problems have increased. The company adopts improved programs to handle customer complaints, but unfortunately, they do all the right things in the wrong way (eg. Automatic response menu is complicated, no empowerment on customer service agents, understaffing, etc.)

As a result, when customers cannot pass the agent they switch to social networks to hear their voices. The effects of social ventilation virus can be very detrimental to your company’s reputation. Therefore, your job is to reduce complaints before increasing viral defamation. Getting a customer’s delight is the most important thing. Customer success is the company’s success. Customer success management is another vital thing.

Here, we will see 4 best complaint reduction strategies so you can not only manage complaints in the coming year but avoid it completely:

  1. Spread new technology

Improving software in your call center can help create a better experience for agents and customers. The easier for customer service agents to do their work, the better they can handle customers.

For example, applying back call solutions can help smooth the call volume when you are faced with a surge in call that causes normal time resistance.

  1. Open a new communication channel

If your business hasn’t used social media to communicate, there is no better time than now. The 2017 National National anger study found that more than one third of customers used social networks to complain. You can use social media to monitor interactions between you and your customers, and predict problems before they increase to complaints.

Modern customers hope to be able to communicate with you as many as 10 different channels. And if they can’t, they will be frustrated.

If you have used social media to communicate with your customers, it is possible time to explore new ways to interact with them, such as using Twitter polls to get their feedback regularly.

  1. Give a smooth customer experience

If you see a wave of complaints from customers about the ease and efficiency of your mobile site or platform, it might be wise to improve your game this year. Along with making improvements to your customer experience (CX) or user experience (UX), you can also integrate customer service widgets to support your products and help curb user complaints.

When instructions are not clear or customers cannot find the support options they want, a small problem quickly becomes a big cause for complaints. #Cusserv #CX #ReducingComplaInts.

When instructions are not clear or customers cannot find the support options they need quickly, they become further frustrated and small problems can quickly be a big cause for complaints.

  1. Find a creative way to request feedback

As mentioned in the two previous tips, new communication technology makes it easier than ever to uncover what your customers think about you.

It’s never easy to ask for criticism but it is the best method for resolving complaints and finding solutions. If your customers complain about your website UX – give them a discount code that can only be used for the web and ask for feedback after completing the transaction.

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