Here Are the Best Wi-Fi 6 Compatible Laptops

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  1. What Does Wi-Fi 6 Compatibility Mean?
  2. The Best Wi-Fi 6 Compatible Laptops
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There has been a lot of talk about Wi-Fi 6 this past year. You must now be fully aware of Wi-Fi 6 and why it is making such hype. It’s time to learn about the best Wi-Fi 6 compatible laptops that you can buy.

What Does Wi-Fi 6 Compatibility Mean?

In simple words, laptops that are described as “Wi-Fi 6 compatible ”  basically mean that they can work with a Wi-Fi 6 network in your home or office. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest generation of Wi-Fi, and it requires a dedicated kind of router to create this high-speed, broader channel Wi-Fi network. Suddenlink internet plans and packages come with an advanced Smart Wi-Fi 6 gateway that guarantees better signal coverage, better speeds, and great value for your money. Before you invest in a Wi-Fi 6 compatible laptop, make sure you already have a Wi-Fi 6 router in your home.

Since it is still very recent, some devices do not work with this type of wireless connectivity. The good news is, Wi-Fi 6 is designed with “backward compatibility”. This means that even the laptops and devices compatible with Wi-Fi 5 or older version can connect to a Wi-Fi 6 network. However, to remain fool-proof and future-proof, make sure you invest in new Wi-Fi 6 compatible laptops.

The Best Wi-Fi 6 Compatible Laptops

Asus Chromebook Flip c436

The Asus Chromebook Flip c436 is a highly recommended laptop for programmers and creative professionals. It runs on a powerful Intel Core i3 10th generation processor, along with 8 GB RAM. It has a storage capacity of up to 128 GB, making it ideal for content creation that involves heavy media files and editing software. This Wi-Fi 6 compatible laptop is perfect for basic entertainment usage too. It will let you enjoy the highest speeds of the internet to stream videos on Netflix or YouTube on its 13-inch FHD screen and 12-hour long battery.

Lenovo Yoga c940

If you are all about having high-tech features in your laptop but are also looking for reliable performance, then this Lenovo Yoga c940 model works the best. It is a touch-and-type laptop with a Full HD IPS touch screen and multi-finger touch support. Its 512 GB SSD along with 12 GB RAM make it suitable for heavy usages like gaming and programming. It also has a fingerprint to protect your laptop to the fullest. It can be used as a full-scale laptop or tablet too. Therefore, it is the best laptop for many purposes, even for streaming or gaming with advanced Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

ASUS ZenBook 14 Ultra-Slim Laptop

Many people use their laptops for basic functions like using Microsoft Office apps and web browsers. For this reason, you do need a fast enough processor that doesn’t hang and causes delays in your work. For basic office use or on-the-go working, the ASUS ZenBook laptop is a great pick. It is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, along with the choice between 8 or 16 GB RAM, which is more than enough for mid-range usage. The laptop has a 14-inch screen and a very sleek grey body that weighs no more than 2.58 lbs.

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 13.3” Laptop

Samsung is not a name as huge as HP and Dell in the race of laptops. However, it has always been ahead in adapting to new technology and incorporating it into its products. This is why the Samsung Galaxy Book Ion laptop has all the advanced specs you would want. It has Wi-Fi 6, Core i7 processor, 512 GB SSD, and a beautiful QLED display. Its display is particularly very outstanding and can be your best friend in streaming videos or games, so the visuals are top-notch. Plus, its AKG sound technology is another way to ensure an excellent gaming experience. The laptop is also suitable for on-the-go use, thanks to its 22-hour-long battery life.

Final Word

Laptops are extremely essential these days. After our smartphones, laptops are perhaps the most important and versatile devices we use for various purposes. Nowadays, we see laptops that can also be used as tabs, increasing their importance and usability. With Wi-Fi 6 routers becoming so common, it is not difficult to establish a fast Wi-Fi 6 network in your home and also find a decent laptop to fully utilize it. The easiest way is to subscribe to Suddenlink internet to get your hands on the Smart Wi-Fi 6 technology. Just call Suddenlink customer service at 1-844-520-8978 to book yours now.

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