TikTok views and bookmarks- A guide to boosting your content’s impact

TikTok views are the most visible metric of a video’s popularity. View counts show up right under the video, letting everyone see how many times it’s been watched. Videos with more views tend to get shown to larger audiences as the TikTok algorithm identifies them as popular content. This snowball effect means that high-view videos often keep racking up more and more views. Creating highly engaging content is vital to increasing your TikTok views. Entertaining, informative, or emotionally compelling videos perform best. Jumping on trending hashtags, challenges, and sounds can boost views by surfacing your videos with people already interested in that trend.

Hidden value of bookmarks

While TikTok views are the most visible metric, bookmarks are a powerful indicator of a video’s value to viewers. The bookmark button, represented by a ribbon icon, allows users to save videos to their favourites. This lets them easily rewatch the footage later and signals to TikTok that they found the content especially useful or enjoyable. Although bookmark counts are only visible to the video’s creator, they offer valuable insight. Videos with a high ratio of bookmarks to views resonated enough with viewers to merit a save. This suggests the content is high-quality and worth investing more time into my review here.

For example, a how-to video demonstrating a helpful life hack or recipe may get fewer views than a silly dance video. But if the tutorial gets significantly more bookmarks, that signals viewers found it valuable enough to save and return to. Identifying these “hidden gems” can help you double down on content that connects with your audience’s needs and interests.

Crafting bookmark-worthy content

  • To rack up bookmarks, focus on creating videos packed with value for your target audience. Think about what kind of content would be helpful or enjoyable enough for viewers to want to save and rewatch. Popular bookmark-friendly videos include tutorials, life hacks, outfit inspiration, recipes, workouts, and motivational speeches.
  • Including on-screen text with key takeaways makes your videos more bookmark-worthy. Viewers are likelier to save content they can easily reference without rewatching the video. Chapters or timestamps are also suitable for longer videos with distinct sections.
  • You can further encourage bookmarking by directly asking viewers to save helpful videos. At the end of a how-to or explainer video, try saying something like, “If you found this tutorial useful, bookmark it so you can easily find it again later!” Sometimes, this straightforward approach is all it takes to turn passive viewers into bookmarkers.

Balancing views and bookmarks

Ideally, your TikTok videos will achieve an optimal balance of views and bookmarks. Aim to create content with broad appeal to bring in opinions while providing enough substance to warrant bookmarks. Jumping on trends can attract eyeballs, but putting your valuable spin on the trend will inspire saves.

Comparing view and bookmark counts on your existing videos is a great way to identify what’s working. Take note of topics and formats that tend to get the most bookmarks, and use these insights to steer your content strategy. At the same time, keep an eye on high-performing videos from other creators in your niche. If you notice specific videos consistently racking up views and bookmarks, try putting your unique twist on those themes.

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