Having to split the word and define it separately, Eco is simply an abbreviation of the word ecology, which is the system of relationships between living things, and their environment, and lifestyle of every living thing and that is why it is something that close attention must be paid to, while friendly means when something is beneficial or at least not harmful. Therefore, eco friendly packaging is referred to any packaging that has no harmful impact on the living things in the environment. Eco-friendly packaging is also materials that can easily go through the process of recycling, these materials are known to be safe for individuals and the environment because they are made from recycled materials. 

Eco-friendly packaging is made from materials that have less or no negative impact on energy consumption and natural resources. The problem that plastic pollution has gradually posed in society across the globe has made several retailers start using environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Eco-friendly packaging has increased the hype among consumers who are very much aware of the damaging impacts that plastic waste has on the environment to be concerned about buying products that have factored in the health of the environment into their production, by using materials that can be recycled for packing their products. And this process can help prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and help reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials that help reduce the energy usage, pollution of the air, and also water pollution.

Eco-friendly packaging also helps to lessen the amount of product packaging, promotes the use of renewable or reusable materials, eliminates the use of toxic materials in the production of packaging, it also cut back on expenses that are spent on packaging, and it provides options to recycle packaging easily, these and many more are the benefits of using eco-friendly packaging. An organization or a person is said to be eco-friendly when the effect of what their action or product has on the environment is considered. Therefore and eco-friendly individuals have an interest in buying eco-friendly products and this has gradually pushed organizations to make choices, especially in the area of packaging their products to choose eco-friendly packaging. As people get to know the effect of other toxic materials as packaging tools for a product the more they lose interest in packaging that is not eco-friendly.


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