Things to Consider When Putting Together a WOD at Home

Whether or not you own a CrossFit gym or you are just getting started at home, when putting together a workout of the day, there are many things that need to be considered, and many things that we here at Performance Plus can help you find the perfect balance to add the right amount of challenge to your day. By becoming a member, you’ll have instant access to over 30+ skill-specific workouts–a collection that just keeps growing!

One specific thing you can focus on when putting together a custom workout is the accessories that you use during them. Accessory WODs for CrossFit can make or break an exercise if you aren’t using the correct equipment, but that isn’t the sole consideration that needs to go into planning. Read below to learn some other things to keep in mind.


A WOD shouldn’t be the entirety of your exercise routine for the day. It should be something that either focuses on a specific skill, warms you up, or cools you down. When designing a WOD, consider using one of Performance Plus’s single workouts instead of stringing an entire set of them together. Length does not always benefit in the long run, and you may want to opt for a few higher-intensity workouts over several shorter, easier ones.

Equipment Use

There are plenty of WODs that you can develop and incorporate that use accessories, and at Performance Plus, members have access to programs that can help target and hone their skills in using accessible equipment both in the CrossFit gym and at home. Whether or not you are an expert at using your own equipment or you are using the Performance Plus app on your phone at the gym, basing WODs on the equipment that you already have can be a good way to flex the skills you already have or work on skills you plan to build.

On the other hand, not using equipment is another option when it comes to managing and planning your own string of WODs. This is an easier way to manage a workout for beginners or those who may not be able to have access to CrossFit equipment every day.


Like equipment, space can be another limiting factor to doing CrossFit on your own or at home. When developing a WOD at home or by yourself, space can be very limiting. If these workouts are meant to be done in your house or garage, then you most likely will not have all the equipment you would at your home gym. Developing a workout while keeping in mind the space that you have is very important and essential to keeping yourself safe while working out. If you attempt to work out in a space that is too small, you could cause injury to yourself and the space around you. The Performance Plus program has skills that can be done in a number of places, so you will never run out of ideas.

Developing your own WODs doesn’t have to be something that only gym owners and personal trainers do. Anyone who practices CrossFit can take the knowledge they have and practice this skill to improve their workout and implement it into their daily gym routine. This is specifically useful if you cannot make it to the gym. If that’s the case, Performance Plus has your back with three different membership options as well as the option to purchase single skills!

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