The Best Techniques for Recruiting Business Travelers to Your Hotel

Business guests that frequently travel should feel comfortable at your hotel. Competing with competing hotels for the same demographic could be difficult. There are several methods to differentiate yourself, including through marketing and website design. The Hawthorn Creative team has put together a list of considerations to make in order to assist your hotel in reaching the top.

What Is the Value of an Email Marketing Campaign?

Every company’s marketing plan, no matter how big or small the business is, should include email marketing. Email marketing increases revenue, ROI, and customer satisfaction. If you are a hotel owner, get an email marketing campaign going as soon as you can.

Since email is the preferred method of communication for business travelers, you should start there. You may find out about their arrival, the features of the facility, and any exclusive offers or events that might be going on while they are there.

What Makes Your Hotel Stand Out?

Which services do you provide for business travelers? It is insufficient to only offer free wi-fi and a business center. Think of giving them a deal or a free snack from the hotel bar at happy hour or by having a regular business card drawing.

Do you offer quick breakfast options or after-hours snacks for when they get home following a hard day at work? What about transportation services to and from the airport or other popular locations?

Are the working settings welcoming and comfortable? What kind of lighting options are there for the workspace? Do you offer lap desks so people may work while watching a late-night movie in bed? What about the accommodations? Is there a time when people can enjoy the pool and gym without interruption from kids?

These kinds of acts might greatly contribute to the comfort of business travelers. The next time they’re on the road, they’ll be more likely to stay with you if you go above and beyond.

Focus on Customer Services With All Staff

Teach your staff to spend the necessary time getting to know your customers. Remembering their initial names, giving them a glass of water or some food when they get home from a long day at work, or even just wishing them a good day are all important.

Your team ought to be familiar with the nearby attractions. Your staff should be ready to provide directions or even offer to phone ahead and reserve a table if tourists inquire about the greatest steakhouse in town. A satisfying conclusion comes from making straightforward connections.

Create a Website That Users Will Love

Who uses your services depends on how attractive your website is. It frequently serves as their initial impression of both you and your hotel. You want something that makes your tale come to life and holds users’ attention while showcasing all of the wonderful amenities you provide and what sets you apart from other businesses.

Additionally, you’ll want to be able to use powerful keywords that will make it simpler for search engines to find your website.

Getting Marketing Support

Are you wondering about services to help you succeed? For you, Hawthorn Creative is a great option. We can help you create a hotel website design that enhances your brand while also figuring out how to do so. We can also help you with the best language to use so that your hotel does not get lost in the sea of others.


It will be obvious if you make an effort to make your hotel the best choice for business travelers. Corporate rates, free wi-fi, and the business center aren’t all that travelers desire. In your pre-arrival emails, you can go into detail on what guests can anticipate from your employees and your hotel. Include all of these extra actions in your standard marketing emails. Potential customers are more likely to make a reservation with you after seeing what you have to offer.

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