Is It Worth Putting Your Money Into Bitcoin?

Is It Worth Putting Your Money Into Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency launched in the market and the most valued and used crypto all over the world. It dominates close to 41% of the overall crypto market value, but because of its sky-high valuations people are starting to wonder whether Bitcoin is worth investing in anymore when there are so many better alternatives.

Bitcoin is so big in the crypto market that many people have started considering it as an index for judging the overall crypto mood at a point of time. You can visit for more information. 

Let’s talk about the alternatives of Bitcoin:

  • Ethereum: The second largest crypto that has so much more to offer, starting with smart contracts, and the fact that it is converting to proof-of-stake from proof-of-work which is environmentally unfriendly.
  1. Solana and Cardano: Considered as the Ethereum killers, they have much advanced features than Bitcoin, like Solana can perform 50,000 transactions per second, while Ethereum can handle just 15. On the other hand, Cardano specializes in the smart contract segment.
  2. Polkadot: Polkadot is working on a project of its own which can change the outlook of the whole crypto world. The para chain technology which can combine multiple chains under the same blockchain and yet secure and private network.

There are thousands of cryptos in the market, and many of them have better features and technology than Bitcoin. Most of other cryptos are available at much cheaper rates for the people who are looking for cryptocurrencies to invest their money.

1 BTC currently trades at close to 50,000 USD, so, most investors have started to wonder if there is room for more growth in the crypto.

Who Should Invest In Bitcoin At Current Prices?

Investors who invest in crypto for stable and safe returns can invest in Bitcoin, as it is the largest crypto there is, you can save yourself from a lot of volatility of the overall crypto market. It still has the potential to provide stable and healthy returns.

People who have good knowledge about the cryptocurrencies, or are actively involved in the space can look for other options, a few options have been given above. As risky as it is, crypto coins/tokens have the potential to provide multibagger returns in a very short span of time, and if you research well, you can easily find a crypto coin that can provide you multibagger returns, better than Bitcoin. 


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