Common Mishaps With Your Hydraulic-Powered Machines

Whenever you are performing a task at work, you want things to run without a problem. After all, any lag can lead to a loss of money for the company or hinder the progress of work for others. This is especially crucial for people working in occupations like manufacturing or construction.

Those who work in these fields use heavy machinery every day, and these machines may run on a variety of systems. However, one of the more prevalent types nowadays is hydraulic systems. Due to their higher efficiency and ability to carry heavier loads, hydraulics have been shown to provide huge advantages.

Even the most fantastic systems or machines can become hindered at some point in their use. By knowing the more usual occurrences, you will be able to solve the problem in a shorter amount of time, leading to less wasted time.

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What is a Hydraulic System?

Before you can know the issues you could face, you should understand how a hydraulic system operates. They produce fluid power by pushing pressurized water or oil through a machine’s cylinders and motors. Because these systems use fewer parts to work, they are easier to maintain and fix than their counterparts. They are often also seen as safer than other systems because they are not susceptible to sparking.

Hydraulic machines are often used in heavy machinery. Industries ranging from construction and agriculture to automotive and aerospace use them. They have even made their way into the world of entertainment for amusement parks and special effects.

Issues With Hydraulic Systems

While these systems often operate without hassle, you can find yourself dealing with the following dilemmas over time:


If you touch your machine and notice it is hotter than usual, you should be concerned. Hydraulic systems are prone to become overworked for many different reasons. Often it is due to not having enough fluid to power the machine. When there is nothing to pressurize, it is literally running on empty.

If it is running on a significant amount of power, the oil can also become excessively hot. When this happens, the oil’s velocity can change and make it more of a sludge rather than a liquid. This will cause it to become stuck between the machine’s parts, making the system overheat even more as it tries to pressurize through this material.

The temperature of a hydraulic system should never exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit. If it does, you can expect damages to become more frequent, which will lead to heavy repair needs and a lapse in production time.


Whenever a hose in the system is not properly installed, or a seal becomes broken, the system may begin to fill with bubbles. This is known as aeration, and while it might not seem like a problem, the bubbles can pop and cause more of the heat that was previously discussed.

If there is increased pressure, another type of bubbling is known as cavitation. When these bubbles pop, they lead to shock waves that can wear out various parts of a machine. In turn, malfunctioning becomes prevalent.


Though more common in hydraulic systems than with their counterparts, leaking can also be a problem you face. This is often most likely to occur whenever parts in the unit, such as hoses or seals, become corroded overuse. This can be concerning because the fluid could be full of contaminants from any debris that mixes with the fluid. Machines that leak need to be shut off immediately for the safety of the operator and those around them,

Prevention Methods

Fortunately, because hydraulic systems have so few parts, these problems can be solved with some quick solutions. One of the easiest tasks that you can take on daily is checking the machine’s fluid levels before use. This will let you know if you need to refill the hydraulic pump before you begin the day. While checking that, you can also check the oil and coolant pump levels. The oil pump will keep your machine from friction, and the coolant will keep temperatures inside lowered.

Along with this, you could also buy an oil or water chiller from Industry Nest Parts. These devices will expel the heat that builds up inside the system and keep the oil from turning into a thick goop. They can also lower the overall energy use that your machines run on.

Overheating can also be avoided by running machines on consistent power. IMachines take time to cool down whenever they are shut off, so immediately turning it back on after a few minutes is sure to keep the inner components hot. Constantly turning it on and off will also waste more power.

You can also consistently check the system’s reservoir, as this is where you would be likely to find aeration begins to occur. If you hear any strange sounds arise while running the machine, such as whining, you need to do this task immediately. Inspect the seals and breakers for any damages, too.

Keeping your system free of debris will also lower your risk of any damage, as the hydraulic fluid will not become contaminated and change chemically. You can do this by replacing or cleaning filters with water or a vacuum. Once done, make sure you seal the system up tightly to prevent air from leaking in.

Any maintenance that you take time to perform is likely to be a huge benefit in keeping your hydraulic system at its highest quality. They should last you approximately five years, and effort really makes the difference.

Get Help From Industry Nest Parts

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Hydraulic systems are becoming more popular, so it is crucial that you are aware that they come with their own problems, too. With the right repairs and care, you will be able to keep operating like normal.

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