Get a Faster and More Reliable Connection With a Trusted Ethernet Provider

Are you weary of your Wi-Fi disrupting essential meetings or your favorite show? Ditch Wi-Fi in favor of LS Networks, an ethernet provider that promises a more dependable connection and faster speeds! Whether you reside in a rural or urban location, we are your top choice for an ethernet network supplier!

Explore the Top Reasons to Use an Ethernet Connection Over WiFi

When it comes to offering speedy internet connections, an Ethernet connection clearly outperforms Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi, as convenient as it may appear, just cannot compete with an ethernet connection. Now, you’re undoubtedly wondering, “Why is this? I thought Wi-Fi was the standard for internet connections?” You’re not completely incorrect, but you’re also not exactly correct. You know, since Wi-Fi was introduced, it has proven to be a source of happiness since it allows you to utilize your internet connection anywhere in your home and wirelessly connect any of your at-home gadgets. As wonderful as it all sounds, Wi-Fi is reducing your prime speed and dependable connection options. It just cannot provide the same functionality as an ethernet connection. So, without further ado, here are the reasons you should switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet.

You Are a Gamer

It’s no surprise that online games require a fast and dependable internet connection. Whether you’re playing on an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, you’ll want the greatest connection possible because even a tiny bit of latency may ruin your gaming experience. As a result, you should go for ethernet rather than wireless. An ethernet cable may be plugged directly into the rear of your gaming system or the side of your computer, preventing buffering and game delays.

You Commonly Use a PC

Do you work from home? Do you attend an online school? Whatever the case, if you spend a significant amount of time on a computer, you might want to consider switching to an ethernet provider like LS Networks. An ethernet cable may effortlessly connect to your computer, providing a faster and stronger connection. Eliminate the discomfort of your Wi-Fi being down during a team meeting!

Share Large Files or Use a Backup Server

If you frequently transfer huge files, you will want a faster internet connection to guarantee that your files are correctly transmitted without complications, such as a section of your file becoming lost in the cloud. Furthermore, if your devices are backed up to a network access server (NAS), shared hard drive, or backup server, using an ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi will speed up file transfer.

LS Networks Provides Reliable Ethernet

By selecting LS Networks as your ethernet provider, you will have access to our high-performance layer-2 wide area network and simplified network management. You will also enjoy the benefits of secure, fast, and dependable internet performance. Have any questions? Trust our staff of internet specialists to assist and answer any inquiries!

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