AI-Powered Startup Issue Resolution

Startups’ innovations benefit large firms and businesses because they are more open to trying new things and are more ready to take risks. Before Entrapeer, it was difficult to find the best startups for your business.

Our Platform’s Features

Established companies may find startups with the technology they need to address their challenges with the aid of Entrapeer’s innovation management solutions. Entrapeer employs AI with training to catalog internet usage instances and create a streamlined database, despite its ambitious objective. We move forward. In order to ensure that each use case is valid and contributes to the database, our human staff review them all.

The Advantages of Our Database Commercial Companies

We have compiled all the necessary data for companies to do startup scouting on our platform. Find a solution to an issue fast and easily by looking it up on our database platform.

The Entrapeer platform provides more than just a summary and contact information. In this comprehensive guide, we cover every angle of the firms’ technological stack, from the specifics of how each platform, program, or product solves a problem to the specifics of how each company put it into action and the results it produced. By doing research for businesses seeking solutions to ongoing problems, we reduce the corporation’s time commitment and bring it closer to the startup.

The Advantages Our Database Offers to New Businesses

Any new business with an MVP and a single use case can benefit from our platform. Showing how a startup’s platform or product benefits other firms is a great way to attract big and corporate business partners. Listing a business in the Entrapeer database could help it attract new investors. Whether the product is plug-and-play or requires a proof-of-concept (POC) or pilot project, listing it might be beneficial.

How We Help Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

Visit the Entrapeer platform to discover a whole new world of technology tailored to your specific financial interests. Most of the businesses using our database platform have built their minimum viable products (MVPs), but they may still benefit from guidance from seasoned professionals in the field, connections to growth investors, or both. Without making time to go to group meetings or pitch evenings, you may swiftly go through potential investments and pick the ones that interest you the most. An edge over other venture capitalists and angel investors might be yours when you use our list of pre-vetted firms and study their products and implementations in great depth.

Look at Our Examples of Use

Are you on the fence about whether or not Entrapeer is the right fit for your business? Stop searching; have a look at our examples of use. View our case study of how we helped a European telecom choose the best startup to help it reduce its energy use and enter new markets. Find out how I┼čbank used Entrapeer to locate a company that reduced expenses, increased revenue, and enhanced performance via the use of machine learning. Find out how we helped a major European tire manufacturer find companies that have indoor vertical farms and use waterless growing techniques to reduce their environmental impact while still acquiring high-quality raw rubber.

Launch Entrapeer Right Away!

Contact us immediately to begin working on startups; we won’t wait for our AI to find you. In order for us to integrate your data and use cases into our platform, please send them to us immediately. Our network connects companies, angel investors, and venture capitalists with the top firms in every industry, allowing them to develop mutually beneficial collaborations.

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