With Western Australia Still Cut Off From the Rest of the Country, Now Is a Perfect Time to Invest in Luxury Boats in Queensland and New South Wales.

Western Australia has the most innovative and experienced superyacht industry in the Southern Hemisphere. The state is home to a number of acclaimed superyacht engineers but the industry has reeled due to extreme border closures and dwindling investor confidence. Even with the WA hard border closure set to ease on March 3rd, real investment opportunities abound in Queensland and New South Wales.

Not only do both of these states boast stunning shorelines and awe inspiring vessels, they both successfully re-established confidence in the market shortly after their restrictions eased last October. The demand for an adventurous, private and reliable holiday is extremely high in Australia and partnering with a renowned luxury boat company such as MV Alfie & Co will underpin your profitability and access to a memorable experience. 

Yachting syndicates provide you with a walk on and walk off experience; allowing you to sit back and relax without lifting a finger. The VIP treatment is standard with MV Alfie & Co as you can expect five-star cleaning and laundry services, comprehensive training programs and 24/7 phone support. You certainly won’t have to worry about catering, refuelling or cleaning. 

If you are only looking to use the yacht for special occasions and stand to benefit from a syndicate, MV Alfie & Co can help you reach an equitable arrangement with other keen investors. This will allow you to reap the benefits of sole ownership whilst splitting the costs evenly. Through a syndicate or sole ownership, it has never been more affordable to own a luxury superyacht. 

You can choose between two of our finest vessels to satisfy your requirements. With our fleets, you’ll enjoy a high residual value, as Bruce and G5, V65 Princess are two of the best performing luxury vessels around. An additional benefit to purchasing through an industry leader is the ability to try before you buy. As luxury investments are significant, we want to give you the utmost confidence before your purchase. By renting the Bruce or G5, V65 Princess for a couple of nights, you are primed for a confident investment. 

You can also enjoy some of our customisation options based on our charter management program. Customer service and boat maintenance are managed by our team and therefore most of our programs include maintenance, insurance, and dockage for free. Moreover, owners may use the time on their boat at their designated bases or choose from multiple locations to sail to. You’ll have a minimum of five years to experience new adventures; allowing you to broaden your sailing experience and start planning for your next purchase as well.

For eager investors in NSW and QLD, you can take advantage of a booming industry while there are still luxury vessels available. Between a syndicate and sole ownership, there is enough flexibility and customisation available to tailor a luxury vessel to your specific needs and to create lasting memories.

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