Where can I find all the latest IPOs in Hong Kong?

IPOs, or Initial Public Offerings, are when a private company first offers its shares through an investment bank. By selling stocks (shares) in the company to interested investors, these companies can receive enough funding for growth.

Hong Kong has many IPOs each year, and receiving these financial documents can be difficult for someone who does not know where to look. Here is a list of places with all the latest IPO information you need.

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

To find all the dates and times of upcoming IPOs in Hong Kong, head directly to their website. It gives you every important date and detail on how much money was issued by each company and how many shares are being offered. It also allows you to compare with companies that have had IPOs in the past.


Another great resource is LinkedIn. Although this social media site is meant for professionals, it can be an excellent place to find people who work or invest in different companies that might offer their shares soon. If you know someone who works at a bank that handles many upcoming IPOs, they may be able to give you valuable information on when and where these stocks will be sold before anyone else.

The Standard Company Directory

To look up individual companies and see whether or not they could release an IPO soon, use the Standard Company Directory. Just type in the name of any company, and it will pull up recent press releases, annual reports and financial accounts. This can be very useful for finding information on HK listed companies only. The directory also has an advanced search that allows you to narrow the results by location, industry and whether or not it is an IPO.

Bloomberg Professional

If you are willing to spend the money but want more in-depth information about upcoming IPOs than what is available online, try Bloomberg Professional. Not only does this service give you all the important dates for each release (including where they will be trading), but there is also analyst coverage of how well these stocks could expect to do based on their earnings prospects. This would likely be good if you thought about buying shares in any particular company.

The People’s Bank of China

The only website you will need if you are interested in upcoming IPOs in Mainland China is the People’s Bank of China. This official government site shows all the latest and forthcoming IPOs and lists any companies suspended from trading. No other online resource has as much information about financial activity in Mainland Chinese markets.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

If none of the above websites provides what you were looking for, then head directly to this website. Although traders can find most Hong Kong-based IPOs with one of the five sites mentioned above, some foreign companies may list their initial public offerings on this exchange instead. These can often provide more options than just buying shares of that company, like ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) or Global Depository Receipts. It can be a good place if you are interested in investing in international companies coming to Hong Kong instead of through traditional channels.

Be sure to check local media

For all your IPO needs, make sure not to forget to check out what is happening locally. Smaller IPOs can often be announced in local papers before other sources let the news get out. If you see any companies that seem exciting or that you suspect may release shares soon, keep your eyes peeled for any new press releases and announcements about stock sales.

Every week there are multiple new IPOs released throughout Hong Kong, so always check back often.


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