What Types of Lights Does a DJ Need?

There are many types of equipment that a DJ will need in their setup so that they can be ready for any gig. Outside of the basics, such as microphones and mixers, they will also need accessories that boost the crowd’s mood and makes any occasion memorable. One example that should be considered is lighting. The DJ lights can change the ambiance in no time. Whether it goes hand-in-hand with the theme of the party or helps with a song’s bass drop, lighting matters. 

However, there are a few styles of lighting fixtures that DJs can consider buying. Because you may not fully understand the differences between them, keep the following in mind before making a purchase. If you still have additional questions, you can talk with the DJ equipment pros at KPODJ, who will both guide you and sell you the perfect product. 

Strobe Lights

This is one of the most common styles of lighting that DJs use. With an array of colors, strobe lights flash at sporadic periods of time. The speed of flashes can make the movement appear slower, but it can also be sped up to keep in time with the beat of a song. This can be helpful for anyone who tends to be more clumsy on the dance floor.

One safety guideline to remember when using strobe lights is that they can cause seizures in those with epilepsy. Talk with your client first before utilizing these devices so that a fun party doesn’t turn into a disaster. 


There are going to be times amid a party when the audience will need their attention drawn a certain way. Uplighting helps with this because small LED lights are placed around the floor space to be pointed toward different spaces. Lights can have different colors and be faded or brightened, depending on the mood you are searching for.

Uplighting is particularly beneficial for occasions such as weddings or proms. Whenever the newlyweds or king and queen have their first dance, uplights can be pointed in their direction so the other guests can watch them in awe. 

Wash Lights

Another way for DJs to call attention to specific people or areas through lighting is with a wash light. Installed from above, these devices emit a beam of bright light into a large amount of space, softening its edges. It is great when you want to cover more than one person or couple.

If you do want to focus more attention on someone, then a spotlight is more beneficial. Since they provide smaller amounts of light, they can also be easier to control. No matter what you need, you will be able to create a sense of anticipation with them, especially if you are announcing a winner for a prize.

Find All of Your Lighting With KPODJ

Lighting can really change the way a party feels, so you want to bring the right ones with you to your next gig. You might not have the type you think you need right now, but the right tools are available, thanks to KPODJ, a retailer created by other DJs.

Carrying high-quality brands and equipment, you can be sure that KPODJ will be able to lead you in the right direction. All you have to do is talk to them about what type of parties you work for and explain your budget. Along with speaking to them, you can check out their current list of staff picks. Even if you don’t want to buy something right away, they have rentals available. This is great for the times when you think you’re only going to use a device one time. 

Along with their lighting devices, KPODJ also carries other fantastic accessories, like special FX machines, video walls, and lasers. You can also purchase the more basic tools that all DJs need whenever you want to replace an aging product. 

Brighten up your clients and their guests by brightening up the dance floor with the perfect lighting. Check out the entire inventory that KPODJ carries by visiting their website today. 

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