Things that matter when comparing electricity and gas energy plans

It is easy to compare gas and electricity prices from leading energy providers around Australia in order to find the best plans in your area. Choosing the right energy provider and plan is one of the best ways to save money on rising electricity and gas bills. With Select and Switch’s Energy Cost Calculator tool, it has never been easier to find out how much you could save by comparing electricity prices and switching providers.

There are often price and plan changes among energy providers, so you should compare gas and electricity providers if you have never done so before. The cost of your energy is influenced by a number of variables, including where you live, how much you use, and what plan you choose. By comparing energy prices in minutes, you can find and switch deals available in your area. Different energy providers service other regions in Australia, so the number of energy providers available depends on where you live.

Find cheap energy plans near you by entering your postcode and a few details about your household size and usage. The details are used to compare energy prices and plans from the vendors. In addition to the few details such as household size, location, and energy usage, one must also consider the following things while comparing gas and electricity providers because it helps you choose the best provider with the lowest charges throughout the year:

Comparison of the entire market:

Why would you compare just a few retailers or plans when you’re looking for the best deal? You can choose from numerous publicly listed plans across many networks with many energy providers competing for your business. Even though it sounds overwhelming, the good news is that you can now compare thoroughly and see a clear ranking of your options.  

Be aware of your electricity usage:

The amount of energy you consume and when you consume it are valuable information. Providing your unique electricity usage profile for your recent bill will help provide the most accurate results from a comparison. The reason for this is that plans have different pricing structures. While others are suitable for large solar exporters, they are expensive for solar owners who don’t generate a great deal of excess energy.

Be sure to check the benefits and discount conditions:

The good news in several states in Australia is that electricity retailers must tell their customers at least every three months if they have a better offer available. However, the plans that appear at the top in a comparison ranking may include short-term discounts. After the benefit period expires, usually after 12 months, the retailer may remove or reduce the discount on the plan. In the days prior to the expiration of your benefit period, make sure to contact the retailer to reinstate the offer. Ensure that their response is still competitive by researching the market.


Know the conditions of timely payment:

Now that the payment on-time discounts of the past have been curtailed, these huge discounts no longer apply. In spite of this, you’ll still find plenty of plans that require you to pay on time to get a lower rate. It would be worth thinking about whether you could make on-time discount payment conditions. You could be paying more than you thought just by skipping a payment due date. Many plans on the market offer discounts even when you are late. 

Getting a better deal on your electricity is right around the corner if you’re looking for it. With Select and Switch, you can compare energy prices and plans in your area and determine how much you can save by switching. They can help you find a cheaper energy package or a better choice of plans in your area based on your energy consumption patterns and preferences, regardless of whether you are looking for electricity or gas plans.

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