The Options for Buying New Pallet Racks

In the manufacturing industry, where the ability to keep pallets out of the way and prevent damage to goods is important, pallet racking is a must. You can choose from various kinds of shelving, each with its benefits. The benefits will depend on your needs.

For some in the industry, the different types of racks are only sometimes clear.

Before you buy a new pallet rack, take the time to learn the various types of pallet racks available. It will help ensure you purchase the rack that best suits your business needs and available space. For those with limited space, a built-in rack can make the most of the available space. You only need a few islands to implement them in your facilities.

Although they take up less space on the islands, they can still store many pallets. They work in that a forklift can lift and place pallets on storage racks. The disadvantage of this system is that it uses a first come, last system. It could be more optimal for objects dealing with time-sensitive goods.

Push shelving offers more flexibility than mortise shelving due to the ability to rotate pallets. They also offer more storage space with the headroom needed in the drive-in rack. They work just like a forklift lifts and put a pallet on a rack. It is the best option for time-critical businesses as it simplifies turnover.

Living shelving is the best choice when purchasing new pallet racking. They work by using gravity to move pallets. The shelves are set slightly downward, and the pallets are held in place with a hose. The hose inflates to move the pallets along the rack and deflates to keep the pallets on the rack.

One side is used for loading, and the other is used for loading. With special features for both sides, productivity increases, and forklift traffic can move safely over the racks. Also, since the first pallet comes out first, this shelving is the best choice for facilities that handle time-sensitive goods.

Structural shelving can support as much as is placed on it. They cannot only bear the weight of the heavy loads they store but also withstand extreme conditions. They are popular in many industries due to their strength and durability.Read more at

Support beams and proper protection are two options for your new pallet racking. The support beams will give your shelf extra support to help support heavy weights. It can provide additional security for all those who work with the racks. Rack guards help protect the racks from forklift impacts.


Forklifts will inevitably run into poles from time to time. It can damage your posts and make your shelves unsafe. Rack guards can prevent damage and unsafe working conditions.

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