Logistics-Related Sensors Goods and Systems

Hokuyo Automatic USA Company provides a wide range of industrial sensor products for logistical operations that may be beneficial in factory and process automation in general. Being a wholly owned subsidiary of Hokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd., we support Japan’s manufacturing, material handling, autonomous robots, and metal industries. We manufacture laser rangefinders (LIDAR), safety lasers/obstacle detection scanners, and hot metal detection lasers.

Hokuyo offers a comprehensive range of sensors to increase performance, ensure safety, and maximize efficiency as warehouses, ports, and terminals progressively use automated mobile material transport systems (AMRs, AGVs, RTGs). Our sensors are used in industrial forklifts, AGVs, driverless vehicles, and semi-autonomous vehicles (SAVs) for navigation, position, measurement, obstacle detection, optical data transfer, and safety.

KAD-300 Crane-Mounted Sensors

The KAD-300 crane collision avoidance sensor reduces the likelihood of accidents involving monorails, overhead cranes, and other objects near the crane runway. This gadget, which has three distinct outputs, a metal enclosure, and a range of up to 100 feet, may trigger stop and slow-down commands. In addition to the three regular outputs, the KAD-300 has a fault (FAULT) output that becomes active whenever the unit’s transmitter or receiver fails.

Sensor units are frequently installed on the crane’s bridge, with reflecting targets installed on the far end wall or another crane. The KAD-300 requires a few standard hardware components, which simplifies setup and maintenance. This device is compatible with stepped controls and variable frequency drives.

Sensors for Storage and Distribution, BWF Series

With two BWF Series optical data transmission devices in perfect alignment, data may be sent swiftly and reliably across extended distances. Radiofrequency identification is used by overhead and stacking cranes, autonomous guided vehicle rail systems, and transfer trucks to provide two-way communication between the truck and the control unit. Because these transceivers use modulated light as the transfer medium, they are immune to the wear and tear that plagues trailing wires and slip rings, as well as the re-calibration issues that plague radio systems.

UAM-05LP Commercial Vehicles

Employees are protected by the UAM-05LP safety laser scanner in both portable and permanently installed settings. Since users can quickly establish a 5-meter safety zone with up to a 20-meter warning area, this system is well-suited for a wide range of applications, from monitoring robotic work cells to following the movements of autonomous cars.

Because of its Ethernet interface, which allows it to record distance data and intensity output values throughout a 270° field of view, this camera is suitable for obstacle recognition and localization on AMRs and AVs (AGV, AGC). The UAM is one of the smallest scanners on the market, but its 2D LiDAR capabilities in a wide range of industrial applications make it a formidable tool for assuring maximum security and preventing hazardous situations.

Ports and Terminals UXM-30LXH-EWA

Ports and terminals can profit from the UXM-30LAH-EWA, a 2D LiDAR and obstacle detection sensor designed for use in difficult situations, to lessen the possibility of incidents involving RTGs, crane booms, routes, and cross transit. It has an 80-meter range and a 190-degree field of vision, and it communicates through Ethernet. As a result, dust and moisture have no effect on scanning performance, making it appropriate for identifying dark-colored items. Within predefined detection zones, the three switching outputs can be used to warn, slow down, or stop the vehicle.

We can help the manufacturing industry as a whole by providing strong technology, a vast selection of high-quality items, and unrivaled service and support to our clients. Check out our website to see how much Hokoyo-USA can benefit you and your warehouse!

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