How to Prepare for a Game of Pickleball

An up-and-coming sport that more people are participating in is known as pickleball. A paddle sport, the game has a lot of similarities to tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It is still relatively new to the scene, having only been invented in the 1960s, but it has gained international prominence over the years.

Because leagues are beginning to open up everywhere, there are more opportunities to play. Even if you want to do so just recreationally, it is vital that you know what you are doing so you can maximize your time on the court. Who knows, even if you begin it as a fun pastime, it could turn into a more long-term athletic endeavor.

Get the Right Equipment

You are only able to play any activity if you have the tools to do so. While some recreational centers might have pickleball gear, it is better to have your own so that you can practice at home and also be able to take things on the go to play in other areas. Aside from wearing comfortable clothing and tennis shoes, you will need a ball and a racket:


When you watch people play pickleball, you will notice that the ball looks similar to a Wiffle ball, being covered in porous holes. In actuality, that is what the original game started out using! However, nowadays, pickleballs are different from their origin.

While a Wiffle ball is light and has around 18-20 holes, pickleballs have about 26-40 smaller ones. This makes them more compact and a little heavier. However, having smaller holes allows for better shots, as they will be less likely to be carried by any incoming winds.


The paddles used in pickleball are flat, smooth, and hard. There is no weight requirement for the paddle that you use, but the heavier it is, the more difficult it will be to swing. For new players, it is recommended that you get one that is lightweight and has a wider core, as it allows for a better chance to make a hit with the ball.

That is what makes Salted City Sports the company with the best pickleball paddles on the market. Made of polypropylene, they enable you to have more accurate swings and a greater spin on the ball. As an added bonus, their paddles can make you stand out through their hand-drawn and creative designs. Competitors are bound to remember you when you pull out a paddle with a smiley face on it!

Learn the Rules

So that you can play the game, you need to know what you are doing. You don’t want to show up to the court feeling lost, nor do you want fellow players to tease you about your performance. While it does have similarities to other racket sports, pickleball has its own needs, making it a distinct pastime. This is particularly true with serving styles and scoring.

  • Because pickleballs do not bounce as high or as easily as tennis balls, players typically use an underhand serve, also known as a “volley serve.” However, if you are more experienced, you can bounce the ball on the ground first before performing a drop serve.
  • Serving is also done diagonally and has to bounce once before the opponent can hit it back over the net. The server will then also have to let the ball bounce first as part of the two-bounce rule. Afterward, any side can return it before it bounces, but the ball can never bounce more than once per side.
  • There is also an area of the court called “the kitchen,” which is the space where balls cannot be hit. This is the closest space to the net and is intact as a way to prevent someone from getting spiked with a volley.

When scoring the game, pickleball uses “side out scoring.” This means that only the serving team is capable of earning points. So when the opposing players make a fault, the server gets the point. However, if the server makes a fault, no one gets a point. Instead, the opposing players become the new servers. The server always calls their score first, even if they are losing.

Pickleball games are played until a side scores 11 points. However, it may have to be higher depending on the losing side’s score. Winners have to be leading by two points before a game can be called.

Get Friends Involved!

Even though teams are available, you still want to know some of the people you are playing against. It can make things more comfortable as you are learning the steps. So, once you have decided to join the game, why not ask friends if they would be interested in trying out the activity, too?

Not only will working on your game with friends allow you to have a support person, but it can help increase your bond with them and build more confidence. When you are hanging out with them on a random weekend and need something to do, you both can bring out your paddles and start practicing for your next match. Boredom is what helped create the game and look where it has gone since then.

Enjoy Yourself

Learning any new skill can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to sports where people want to score. Since you are still a novice in pickleball, it might be better to avoid joining a league and look for someone who can teach you the basics first. In addition to feeling better about your game, you will be able to know whether or not you actually enjoy the activity. Practice makes perfect, so make sure you get your paddle and keep working toward your goals.

Salted City Sports encourages everyone to partake in this sport and is ready to deliver you the paddle that will make learning much less of a struggle. Even though winning can be rewarding, they believe fun should come first. Founder Hayden Bruce started to play during college and has spread the love to his whole family, something you can do, as well. Even your little siblings or children can play, thanks to the company’s kids’ collection of paddles.

While they have many of their own designs created, you can put your imaginative mind to the test, too. Salted City Sports offer a custom design option so you can make your pickleball paddle stand out and show others exactly who you are. To protect that design, you can also buy a protective paddle cover.

Along with their paddles, Salted City Sports has a list of different guides to teach you the way of the game and to make sure you have the necessities for a fun day on the court. You can learn more about all of this by visiting their website.

Every person can benefit from learning a new skill, and participating in a sport is both amusing and a great way to remain healthy for longer. Instead of going with everyday activities, expand your horizons and impress your friends by opting to learn how to play pickleball.

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