How To Order Amazing And Secure High-Quality Custom Checks

Ordering business checks online can save you time and money. Avoid calling your checks at the bank, which often comes with a premium price tag.

Checks In The Mail can secure high-quality custom checks and offers a wide selection of security features to prevent fraud, including chemically sensitive paper that can’t be photocopied and a padlock icon on the back. They also offer a fraud protection service for an additional fee.

Easy to Use

Checks In The Mail makes it easy to customize your checks with logos of your favorite sports team, animals, or famous landmarks. You can also find designs that reflect your personality and interest in music, movies, or television shows. These checks are compatible with most accounting software programs, including Quicken and QuickBooks. They also have high-level security features, such as invisible fluorescent fibers, holograms, and watermarks.

In addition to customizing your checks, the company offers various accessories, such as checkbook covers and deposit tickets. Their online store is secure and encrypted with SSL, and customers can choose to add fraud protection services through Fraud Armor.

They also offer high-security laser checks that include several assets to prevent fraud, such as microprint signature lines, two-dimensional holographic foil, a padlock icon, and a watermark. They strongly focus on customer service and provide a toll-free number for assistance. They also have an extensive FAQ section that answers common questions.

Easy to Customize

In addition to printing your checks, Checks In The Mail envelopes them and affixes postage before sending them to the postal service. This saves you time and money while ensuring your checks are delivered safely and securely.

When you place an order for checks online, you’ll be able to choose from various designs. You’ll also find many accessories, including checkbook covers, address labels, and more. These accessories can help you keep your accounts organized and professional.

Checks In The Mail also has solid customer service that can answer any questions you might have during the design/production phase or after receiving your new checks.

Easy to Print

The best check printing company will have an online interface that makes ordering, personalizing, and shipping checks as simple as possible. It should also have a live chat option to ask questions about your order and quickly get answers.

Another vital thing to look for is a digital void pantograph and authentication feature. This will make it nearly impossible to recreate the check if someone tries to copy it. It should also include a microprint signature line, which helps prevent fraud and makes it easy for the bank to identify the check as authentic. This feature is typically printed on the bottom of a check, near the routing and account numbers.

Easy to Ship

Whether you need to write one check or hundreds, you can save money on your checks by ordering them online instead of going through your bank. The best vendors offer competitive pricing, ample check designs and security features, and low minimum order requirements. They also have solid customer service that can answer your questions during the design process and after receiving your checks.

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