How to Hire an Accountant: 5 Qualities to Look For

Choosing accountants in north wales can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t done it before. There are many qualities to look for in an accountant, from cost to customer service and everything in between. If you’re looking to hire an accountant, consider these five qualities when making your decision about which one to go with and your business will be off to a great start financially!

1) Experience

You can’t go wrong with experience. Whether it’s your first business or your fifth, it helps a lot if your accountant has been through some of what you’re going through now. They can make sure you don’t overlook anything in your accounting and are more aware of red flags for certain situations. As a bonus, they’ll know how to deal with any issues that arise during tax season.

2) Good Communication Skills

Communication is key when you’re hiring an accountant. It may seem like a no-brainer, but if your potential bookkeeper doesn’t return your calls or emails regularly, it could be a sign that he or she won’t be around when you need them most. Don’t go with someone who will lose touch with you and your business once you have signed on as a client. Communication is one of the most important qualities to look for in any service provider – so make sure your new bookkeeper can meet (and exceed) expectations in that area.

3) Reasonably priced

Sometimes taxes are a part of your business and you have to pay them. Other times, you can find ways around paying Uncle Sam. The first thing you want from an accountant is that they’re going to be able to help you save money on taxes while still making sure everything gets done properly. If they try and charge too much for your service it might be time to look elsewhere. Do some research on what’s average in your area and seek out someone who fits into that range or less. Many local accounting firms offer special low-rate packages designed specifically for new companies and startups.

4) Confidence and Teamwork

When you work with a freelance accountant, it’s important that they can be available when you need them. A good professional will always provide excellent service and know that business people don’t want to wait around for answers. In fact, when working with professional accountants, you should have access within 24 hours. The best way to ensure that your business gets what it needs from its accountant is to look for one who can respond quickly. More information on these areas can be found on a UK business blog.

5) Quick Response Time

Accountants often work on tight deadlines, and they need clients who know that. Make sure your accountant responds quickly (e.g., same day) and stays in touch throughout any given project. You should never have to send a follow-up email asking for status reports—your accountant should be fully transparent with you as long as you keep your lines of communication open. The last thing you want is a relationship with an uncommunicative accountant who misses deadlines because she’s too busy or you’re not high enough on their priority list. Besides, it may be hard (if not impossible) for you to get reimbursed if paperwork or other information gets lost along the way.

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