How to Choose NFC Chips for Your Metal Cards

Near-field communication (NFC) technology is continuously gaining popularity among businesses. The NFC tech has provided organisations with various benefits, such as repurposing it as an identity verification scheme and sharing their business cards contactless. It has two major components: the NFC chip and the NFC tag. NFC chips play asthe data processor while NFC tags read and store information. 

Businesses can choose from various NFC chips. Unfortunately, not knowing how these chips differ might cause confusion among consumers. Learning each chip’s differences is crucial to buying the best chip for the business’ metal card. Here are the NFC chips commonly sold in the market nowadays:

NXP Semiconductors NFC Chips

These NFC chips have bigger memories and other specifications, making them costlier yet beneficial. NXP has produced these three types of NFC chips:


This NFC chip is the improved version of its predecessor NTAG203. NTAG213 has a better range and speed, with a memory capable of handling 144 bytes of data.


This NFC chip comes with password protection common to NTAG21x chips to protect businesses and their stakeholders against hackers and fraudsters. It has a bigger memory size than NTAG213, as NTAG215 had 504-byte memory, good for encoding additional data.


This NFC chip costs significantly higher than other NFC chips, considering that it has 888 bytes capacity.

NXP Mifare NFC Chips

These NXP-produced NFC chips perfectly suit businesses that plan to use them for internal purposes only. It comes in two variations, namely Mifare Classic and Mifare Ultralight.

Mifare Classic

This NFC chip supports encryption with 716-byte memory. However, it is only compatible with newer versions of iOS and Android smartphones. 

Mifare Ultralight


This NFC chip is the best practical option for sharing short text strings or links. Like Mifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight only works with iOS and Android devices. However, the Ultralight variation has limited 46-byte memory.

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