Choose a Solar Panel in Newcastle

How Do You Choose a Solar Panel in Newcastle

Undoubtedly, consumers’ needs and standards have evolved greatly over a few decades. In the past, people settled down for the cheapest services and products without even searching for them. Unlike before, people do extensive research before buying anything. This practice satisfies their needs and lets them make the most out of their money. So when you decide to buy a solar panel in Newcastle, these same principles should apply.

As there are many companies selling solar panels in the market, it has become a little difficult to find the right company. So in this article, we have listed some of the most concerning points that should be taken into account before buying a solar system.

1. Types of panel:

Kudos to the innovation in solar panel technology as it allows consumers to choose from different options as per their needs. There are three main types of solar systems available in the market today. Each type has its own set of pros and cons. So you can choose the best solar panel system according to your personal preferences.


It is one of the oldest types of solar systems, but it has developed a lot. Although this type of solar system is the most expensive one, it is known to be more efficient as well.


It is newer than the monocrystalline model. But this type is also gaining more popularity among users. Although it is less efficient than monocrystalline solar systems, its low price tag makes it preferable.

Thin Film:

This type is the latest and most advanced type of solar system. It is introduced a few years back. Although its power output is not as higher as other types of solar panels, its cheaper price tag and lightweight build promotes flexibility and make it easy to install.

2. Performance:

It is one of the most important things to take into account while choosing a solar system. Of course, you would not choose a system being on the top of the efficient systems list. You would definitely need a system that must be able to generate high power.

If the system will generate seamless power, it means your solar batteries will charge fast. And it will generate more electricity in return.

So in order to know which panel you should choose, it is important to know that a panel’s average efficiency is around 15 to 22%. So it would be a great investment if you choose a panel system within this range or higher.

3. Panel size:

As mentioned earlier, new types of solar systems are becoming commercially available and developing over the past few years, so you will likely make adjustments accordingly. Although your home roof has plenty of space, you must consider a system of the right size that does not take much space.

Solar panels generate energy per square metre, and therefore, they require enough space. So you can plan the setup accordingly.

4. Roof compatibility and mounting:

As the placing of the solar panel is very important, so it would be great to take into account the areas where your home is getting sun exposure. It is highly recommended to avoid all those areas where they may be obstructions, such as buildings, trees, and other structures.

One more thing to keep in mind while installing the solar panel system is mounting. You should make sure the mounting is of high quality.

5. Durability:

As you know, solar panels are mostly exposed to various elements, so one of the major factors to consider is durability. Therefore, it is important to find and buy a panel that can avoid easy breakdowns and can withstand elements that can decrease their lifetime.

When choosing a solar panel in Newcastle, you should find a company that must provide an attractive warranty period. Plus, you should also consider the company’s reputation before buying any solar panel.

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