Five Important Factors to Consider to Make Buying Steel Pipes Easier

Buying pipes can be confusing, especially if you don’t understand the basics. If you want to buy steel pipes, you must determine your desired steel grade. This offers a basis for other considerations, so you can narrow down the best product possible.

Stealth Pipe and Steel tuyau en acier are used in different industries for various applications. Whether you need these pipes for industrial, plumbing, or construction purposes, you must pick high-quality pipes. This ensures that the pipes will last a long time and perform efficiently. With different steel pipe supplies in the market, making the right choice can be challenging. But you can smoothen the selection process when you consider the following:

Materials and Grade

There are several grades of steel you can choose from and each of these has unique characteristics and strengths. You must determine the steel grade that suits your requirements. Think about factors such as corrosion resistance, the ability to withstand extreme conditions, and impact strength.

Wall Thickness

When it comes to steel pipe wall thickness, you can choose standard, extra strong, or double extra strong. For instance, pipe manufacturers might provide a 10-inch pipe that has a 0.365-inch standard wall thickness, 0.5-inch extra strong thickness, or 1-inch double extra strong wall thickness. The right wall thickness depends on the requirements of your project and the amount of stress the pipes should withstand.

Coating Options

Steel pipes are prone to corrosion and oxidation, so the steel needs to be protected. Coating the pipes in a protective finish will protect them. Coating options include scotch coating, galvanizing, and fusion bond epoxy. These options vary in their applications and uses and various coatings work better in various environments.

New or Surplus Steel Pipes

New steel pipes can be available in the market as surplus or used if they were left over from other projects. Surplus pipes have already been used and are being sold. They are a cost-effective option and ideal for light duty structural applications, temporary drainage projects, and road bore casings.

Pipe Style

Steel pipes come in three styles: seamless, spiral weld, and straight weld. Straight weld pipes have one straight seam down their length. Spiral weld pipes have helix shaped welds around their outside. Seamless steel pipes do not have seams. In general, welded pipes are weaker due to their seams while seamless pipes are safer due to the lack of a weld.

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