Diversitech Global CEO Simon Hopper Announces New Sustainability Initiatives

Diversitech Global has announced its commitment to sustainability by beginning a programme of actions including the launch of renewable material tools. 

The company’s CEO, Simon Hopper, stated that “sustainability is at the heart of everything we do”, and that they are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact. 

To achieve this goal, Diversitech Global has pledged to make meaningful changes to its operations and products, including waste reduction initiatives by redesigning packaging to use less materials and plastic wrapping, streamlining and sourcing green manufacturing processes. In addition, the company is working with its customers to help them reduce their own environmental impact. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with sustainable solutions that improve their bottom line while minimizing our impact on the environment,” said CEO Simon Hopper. “We are committed to being a responsible member of the global manufacturing community”.

A major step will be the manufacturing of gardening tools using algae-blended resin and ocean bound plastics to be launched under their new Gairdín brand name. Being renewable and recycled, they are much more eco-friendly than traditionally sourced oil-based plastics.

The Gairdín collection will be an innovation in sustainable gardening. The line-up includes self watering pots, and tool sets with spades and forks using the algae blended resin in addition with recycled aluminum and fibreglass composite material. 

As the retail industry steps up their game when it comes to environmental responsibility in the face of climate change issues, retailers an opportunity to provide sustainable products as people become increasingly conscious about how much of an impact household purchases can have on the environment and resources.

About Diversitech Global: 

Diversitech Global is a leading supplier of private-label tools. Having completed work for global retailers, including Fortune 500 companies, their products are designed by experts who understand what it takes to get a successful brand out into the market. Taking an idea from production to final packaging, including branding or even helping with marketing materials. They have a network of joint-venture factories that manufacture with the latest equipment for assembly processes and are committed to world-class supply chain management with their partnered sources and suppliers.

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