A Temporary Work Place With A Permanent Address

The main challenge faced by small businessmen and entrepreneurs is to find a permanent workplace. Finding a workplace in today’s market demands huge investment. Also, maintaining a workplace is not possible for small businessmen and entrepreneurs as it includes the overload of lease and maintenance of staff. But with the advancement of technology and innovation in business ideas, a new concept has arrived, i.e., the Virtual Workplace. The emergence of the virtual workplace, helps small businessmen to invest their money in their businesses without bothering about the workplace. This article throws light on the concept of the virtual workplace and also various features of virtual office in rockville.

What is a virtual workplace?                                                                                                        

A virtual office is a platform or a service that helps small businessmen and entrepreneurs with the facilities of an actual workplace. It gives them a business address and facilities for receiving mail. Moreover, it provides physical office space and meeting rooms as well. The best part of the virtual workplace is that the business owner does not need to pay for a full-time office space. It saves a lot of money for a small businessman who can use this amount to invest in other areas of business.

What are the characteristics of a virtual workplace?                                                          

A virtual workplace, as the name suggests, works remotely. But it has a combination of people, place, and course technology. A virtual office in rockville has the same features. It provides a combination of both physical and virtual services.

Following are the characteristics –

Physical services –

  •     A permanent business address at the locality.
  •     Mail receiving facilities.
  •     Access to meeting rooms and a workplace.
  •     Also provides the facility of an onsite receptionist.
  •     Print facilities are also available.

Remote or virtual services –

  •     Provides a business number.
  •     A virtual receptionist is also available.
  •     Mail services are also available.

What are some pros and cons of a virtual workplace?

Following are the pros and cons of a virtual workplace –


  •     A virtual workplace helps the entire team to be very flexible with the time and mode of work.
  •     Business owners get relieved from the huge investment that is needed by a virtual workplace.
  •     Gives a proper shape and a professional appearance to a small business.
  •     The business owners get relieved from the concerns related to maintaining an administrative staff.
  •     Provides business owners with a fixed address without a permanent workplace.

Cons –

  •     Meetings cannot be held suddenly with short notice. They must be planned before it is held.
  •     Services provided are very limited and can never match an actual workplace.
  •     There can be a set of restrictions that may create issues.


Despite all the disadvantages, a virtual office in rockville is one of the best solutions for many business owners. For small business owners for whom even a single penny matters a lot, a virtual workplace saves a whole lot of money, it saves them from the burden of loans and installments. So, a virtual workplace is a solution to many problems that arise in a new business.


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